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Guest Blogger: Sam Crescent

First, I would like to thank Stacey for inviting me to guest on this blog. So on the 22nd my very first menage romance with Evernight Publishing was released. Belonging to the Steer Brothers was an amazing story, for me, to write as it helped me to get past many hurdles as a writer. For one, I was nervous about writing a story with two brothers completely devoted to one woman. I was worried in case it would come across as the brothers in a relationship together. Then when I got past that I wondered if Anna could fall in love with two men.

When I write a story, I find myself going on a journey with the character. I once thought that writing a story would be boring as I knew how it would end. Big mistake. I never know how a story is going to begin or finish. The exciting part of the process is wondering what is going to happen next.

Ever since I learnt menage and multiple partner stories were out there, I’ve held a fascination with them. I love the concept of two or more men being completely devoted to one woman. For that woman to know what it was like to have two men be one hundred percent in love with them and that is why I wrote Belonging to the Steer Brothers.

I hope you guys enjoy it and that I can write many more. Thank you for hearing me chatter a bit today. Below is a bit more information about my current release along with a sexy excerpt and a couple of buy links if it takes your fancy. Please leave a comment and I’ll give away a free copy of Belonging to the Steer Brothers. Simply tell me what you like about menage/ multiple partner romances.

Thanks again,

Sam x


Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

When Anna Myer’s parents died in a car accident, David and Paul Steer took  her in and cared for her. For years she nursed a crush for the two men, only to be rejected and pushed away.

Crushed with the rejection and believing the Steer Brothers could never love her the way she wanted, Anna left Cape Falls.

Three years passed since she left the men she loved. Anna returns with a new determination and she knows the secret that David and Paul tried to keep away from her.

There is a rumor that the Steer men share one woman. Anna wants to be that woman.

Can she prove to Paul and David she is the woman they need? Can her men overcome their fears? And after so long of being alone will she finally belong to the Steer brothers?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), bondage, anal sex.



    “I’ve never been more sure of anything. Kiss me, Paul. Touch
me,” she begged.
    He tilted her head back and swooped down taking her lips
under his. The touch was not calm or gentle. It was a full onslaught
of passion invading her mouth and her senses. Anna opened up to his
kisses and his tongue as it thrust inside her mouth. Moaning as he
took charge, holding her as his lust took over, she was nothing but a
slave to his passion.
    Their moans mingled in the air as Anna froze when a pair of
hands moved her hair out of the way and lips grazed the column of
her neck. Opening her eyes she stared at Paul, asking him the
questions her lips couldn’t form.
    “This is what we want Anna, both of us, together,” he said as
his palm moved from her face down her clothing until his large hand
was stroking her breast. Anna cried out. David bit down on her
shoulder. The sensation echoed through her body like lightening
going from her neck to her nipple, shooting through to her clit
between her legs.
    She moaned but didn’t pull away. Her hand curved behind her
holding David in place touching her while her fingers curled in Paul’s
shirt. She pulled him against her taking the kiss she craved.
    Anna cried out when the strap of her dress was moved down
past her shoulder along her arm until her left breast was exposed to
their viewing pleasure and the warm air.
    “You look so beautiful,” Paul whispered moments before his
lips went on the move. He went from her cheek down past her neck
where he hovered above her budding breast.
    “Now or never, Anna. Your choice.” Paul gave her the option
to retreat. How could she deny these men, her men, everything she’d
only ever wanted herself? She loved these two who’d taken her in
when her parents had died. They might care for her and never feel
love for her, but she could love the two men and that would be
    “Now, please, suck my nipple,” she said. David moved the
other strap off her shoulder.
    Paul placed his hands on her waist. His tongue circled the
tight red bud, sucking the tip into his mouth. Without her two men
holding her she would have sunk to the floor as her knees turned to
jelly, and her nipple was the epicentre of all her pleasure. She was a
burning mass of heat, a roller coaster ride of pure unadulterated bliss.   
    “Oh my God.” She gasped as David teased her other nipple
with his fingers. Everywhere on her body, their hands seemed to be
wreaking havoc with her mind and body.
    “You taste like vanilla,” Paul told her when he came up, and
the next moment hands were on her thighs pulling up her short dress.
Anna held her breath. She waited to see what would happen next as a
hand moved to her simple cotton panties covering her mound. With
four hands on her she didn’t know who was where. She gasped when
a male finger traced the outline of her slit. She knew how wet she
was. She could feel her juice wetting the fabric of her panties. Never
before in her life had she been so turned on. They hadn’t properly
touched her, and she was close to climaxing.
    “You’re already lovely and wet, sweet Anna,” Paul said,
nibbling her neck where her pulse was threatening to escape her
throat. “Do you want us, Anna?”

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SusieJ said...

Love the excerpt (already have the book on my Kindle and on my TBR pile) and thank you for explaining why you love menage.
For me it's definitely the idea of having more than one man totally devoted to looking after me and loving me....
I read a lot of menage stories!
Hugs xx
p.s. my husband tells me that in real life this would never happen....I choose not to believe him and keep on dreaming.

Anonymous said...

I loved Belonging to the Steer Brothers,i really enjoy reading menage romance cause who wouldnt like having 2 or more guys at your service :)

Regina Ross

msmjb65 said...

What a great excerpt, Sam and congrats on the book. It looks great! I've never really been part of a menage (although at a scary, young age a friend of mine and I shared one boy and may have made out together for a bit all 3 of us :) I like them because as of now, it is a sexy fantasy of mine to be the center of attention with 2 (or more??) men. It wouldn't hurt if they didn't mind touching eachother, but I would want the entire focus to be on moi!
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

msmjb65 said...

Awesome cover, btw!

flchen1 said...

Oh my! What a hot set up! Thanks for the intro to your story and for the peek!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Sam Crescent said...

Thank you to you all for stopping by and commenting.

I'm so pleased you enjoyed Belonging to the Steer Brothers Regina. I loved writing.

I love the inspiration that two men provide.

msmjb65, you're the winner of my book and it has been sent to you.

Thanks everyone.