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The Newest Kid on the Block - Alexandra O'Hurley

Hi, everyone.   
I’m Alexandra, the new kid on the block.  (sounds of Step By Step just entered my head*groan*).  When I was asked to join this very talented group of ladies, I was thrilled; as many of those here are authors I’ve looked up to and enjoyed reading. 
Some of you may already know me.  For those of you who don’t, I have written for Evernight, Siren, and NCP, mainly in the paranormal erotic romance genre, although I have taken turns in historical and sci-fi.  You can see my titles on my author page here on the site if you’re interested. 
The majority of what I write is ménage, mainly because it’s what turns me on.  The thought of two (or more) men completely catering to my needs in and out of the bedroom is incredibly erotic.  Make them two (or more) alpha heroes, with all the trappings that are usually included in the romance genre, and hot damn, my head might explode.

So come on…let’s see.  The typical alpha?
Built like a brick shithouse.
Did I say hot?
Rather intelligent.
Borderline stalker (which is fine ‘cuz he’s hot.)
Thinks the heroine, no matter what, is the sexiest beast he’s ever laid eyes on.
He’s a Protector/Comforter
And if in a paranormal, we can probably add Immortal/Supernatural.
Reallllllllllllly Hot.
Did I miss anything?  Now multiply all that by two or three, and HOT DAMN! 

Whelp, we can of course add lots of things to that list if we really dig deep, but I’d say that’s the bare bones of a romantic hero.  We as writers work hard to flesh them out and add meat to that skeleton and make them interesting and lovable to our readers.
Now, I picked today to be my introduction to you lot for a special reason.  Today is also a release day for me.  Deviant Knights is the first in a brand new series titled Knights of the Temple, out with Evernight Publishing.  Want to meet my alphas?
First up, meet Michel and Gabriel, two 700-year-old Immortal Templar Knights, saved by Gaia (aka Mother Earth) from certain death.  Michel is a dark, delicious Frenchman and Gabriel is a light, Spanish lover.  They, and a handful of other Templars, fight in Gaia’s name against the Illuminati, a group focused on throwing the world into chaos.
Both men are intrigued to find a woman painting pictures of Gabriel and posting them on Deviant Art.  They seek her out and are drawn to her in an inexplicable way, a way that may tie her to the Illuminati.  Rushing across Europe, the men squire her away to protect her and also to seek knowledge as to what she is.   
They also try desperately not to fall for her along the way.
The blurb and excerpt are below if you're interested.  Hopefully, I made a good first impression, even with my bad dancing to old New Kids on the Block songs.  "Please don't go girrrrrrllll....." 


Deviant Knights
Book One of Knights of the Temple
©2012, Alexandra O’Hurley

Kadence paints images that haunt her dreams, choosing to post them on Deviant Art to share.  She’s contacted by the mysterious Michel, a man of wealth and means.  He buys her work at substantial prices and, later, demands to meet her.  The towering Frenchman then turns on his thick charm.  
Michel is not alone.  His friend Gabriel is every woman’s fantasy.  After the initial shock, she can’t resist their dual charms and chooses to spend one, wild night in their arms.  

When their night together is interrupted by a vicious attack, she soon learns the men are more than they seem.  They drag her into their dangerous world under the guise of protection, although they do not completely trust her—she is marked by the enemy.
Running for their lives, they’re forced into close confines.  Will Kadence succumb to both men—or will she lose them along the way?


“So I’m right.”  She looked away, but not before he saw the hurt on her face. 
He saw her reflection in the glass window and wanted to ease the ache from her.  His hands moved of their own accord and went to her shoulders, rubbing them in hopes of calming her.  Her body immediately stiffened to the touch, but she slowly melted into his hands.  His gentle ministrations had their desired effect.  A rush of desire swelled through him at the simple gesture, his need to pull her close and ravage her screaming in his ears.
Gabriel knew that Michel would not approve.  Casting a quick glance across the car, he found Michel sitting with his eyes open, quietly watching the interaction between them.  His gaze was hooded, observing seemingly enough to enthrall him.  Their stares met, a look of understanding instantly zipped between them.  They were both slaves to her call.
Gabriel turned again to Kadence, feeling her relaxing further to his touch.  He spied her neck.  Soft tendrils of her coppery hair flowed from the quick chignon she’d put in.  The thin column of flesh was so enticing.  His mouth moved to it of its own accord.  He placed his lips just under her hairline and felt her stiffen once more.  Continuing to massage her shoulders, she melted soon after.
He stole another kiss, laying it tentatively.  She did not stiffen the second time, but rather arched her neck back to better receive his touch.  It was a move of acquiescence and all the permission he needed to venture further.
Moving closer to her, he pulled her back to his chest and gathered her into his arms, kissing the tender flesh of her neck and ear.  Her breathing had quickened, and he felt her rapid heartbeat against his lips.  He pulled away the soft jacket he’d put on her the night before, bearing her further to his tongue.  The ripe swell of her breasts above her bodice could be admired from his vantage point, looking over her shoulder.  He gently cupped the flesh and molded it to his fingers as he tasted every inch of her his mouth could reach.
He lowered one hand to the edge of her dress, pulling it up her creamy thighs.  Her panties were long gone.  They’d cloth her once they reached Monaco.  There had been no time to worry about undergarments on their harried escape. As he pulled the fabric higher, he began to see the shadow of her sex appear.  Breath hitched in his lungs, he needed to see her once more.  Touch her.  Taste her.  As the shaved mound became apparent, he took in air on a hiss.
Once he caught sight of the pink flesh, pearled already with her juices, he could no longer resist.  He lowered himself to the floor, resting on his knees as he widened her thighs, pushing her back to the seat.  Catching her eyes for a brief moment, he lowered his head to sample a little of her bliss.

One lucky person who comments on this post will be entered to win a free PDF of Deviant Knights.

 You can also buy a copy at Evernight Publishing, All Romance E-books, Bookstrand, or Amazon.


Krystal Shannan said...

Meeeeeeee! *Jumping up and down squealing with glee* Fabulous excerpt, I'm totally hooked. *giggle* Except I already was hooked with your other books too. Congrats on the new release!



Anonymous said...

Loved the excerpt and the cover so im putting it on my to buy list :)

Kastil Eavenshade said...

Love it. Ohh, Alex. I'm hooked.

elaing8 said...

Congrats on the new release and becoming the newest member of the blog.looking forward to your future posts.
Thanks for sharing the fantastic excerpt.

Sassy said...

Love it!!!!! Another one to add to my list......Totally hooked.

Rebecca Francilo said...

Absolutely love this cover!! Sounds great!! Adding to the to read list!! :)

Stacey said...

I love the borderline stalker bit. LOL. Creepy but true!

Joanne said...

Great excerpt and post. Hot cover. This book sounds amazing. Can't wait to read it.


Ursula said...

It's like you looked in my mind and plucked out my favorite things and made them into a freaking book! I have always been intrigued by Templar Knights and Illuminati! I even watched Gargoyles because some of those themes are in it. National Treasure was a treat to me! Now there is a book I can read!?!? I am beyond excited. The excerpt is wonderful. Can't wait to read this!

Ursula said...

oops. Forgot my email cause I was so excited about the book *g*

umavery at gmail dot com

flchen1 said...

Ooh, awesome intro--love the premise! Thanks for the peek!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Alexandra O'Hurley said...

Congrats go to Regina Ross as she was the winner of the free PDF :) Thanks everyone for joining in the fun!

Juniper Bell said...

I just wanted to welcome you to the blog, Alex! I can't wait to read more of your work -- that was an awesome intro!


Alexandra O'Hurley said...

Thanks Juniper :)

jessiel said...

Loved the excerpt! Oh my, how I suddenly wish I was her. After reading this post & really liking what you had to say, I'm going to read one of your book(s). Bet you'd be fun to chat with on a "Girls Nite Out".