Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why don't my men touch?

Ménage comes in a variety of configurations, the most common split being MFM versus MMF. The difference? In MFM the men don't touch each other. The focus is all on the woman when indulging in polyamorous fun. In MMF, the men are all over each other, and not always when the female is present.

Why do I bring this up? Because a reader recently emailed me asking if I was going to add any MM action to my books. The answer is no. I think MM romance is beautiful. The fact we can have it, out in the open and available, is marvelous, but that said, I write what turns me on. And for me, that's two, or more, hot and hunky men devoting all their attention to me, er the heroine lol.

Yup, it's selfish. Couldn't I spare just a little of the heroes expertise to please each other? Couldn't I make the heroine watch and get turned on? Maybe, but again, I'm a selfish writer. I want it to be all about her. lol.

At the same time though, I guess I should never say never. There was a time I would have never written about threesomes, or foursomes... or more. In one of my short stories, I even dabbled with a dominant female possessing in a 'special' way her male sub. I guess you could say I like my women to have the power in bed. The ability to beguile and enchant those around her into doing what it takes to please her.

I am trying to get more daring though. In my Pack series, especially the third, I did get a little racier with my ménage positioning. Let's just say a hero's face gets awful close to another's plumbing. Of course, that happens while hero number 2 is buried balls deep in the heroine, but still, I think it added a nice level of spice to the scene.

But now having admitted that, I'm probably going to get some emails from miffed readers because while there are some who don't mind MM touching, there is another group that strictly likes their M&M's to not even brush each other in passing. And within that same group, some intensely dislike anal which makes a sandwich out of the question. Who knew writing ménage took such a fine balance?

What are your no-no's in ménage? Your preferences? For me, the perfect scene has one holding her down watching, while the other screws her into ecstasy. And then, they switch. Sigh...So hot. Just don't tell my hubby I said that lol. He doesn't want to share ;p


Also, coming in a few weeks...

Sometimes even outcasts can earn redemption...


Basia Rose said...

There’s this attitude developing that all ménage romance has to have M/M action these days, but – as you said – it’s not what works for everyone. I read lots of different things – everything, really – but I would be disappointed if all ménage romance ended up being the same.
Two men together is great, but not a turn-on for me either.
People argue that it’s more realistic if the men are involved too, but I actually know people in real life who are in this kind of relationship, and the men do NOT have any sexual interaction with each other.
My limits have, um, expanded a lot over the years. There’s not much I won’t read now, as long as I can be convinced all parties involved are enjoying it. I am okay with people not liking anal, but I also question how they can go into ménage – or any kind of erotic – romance and expect it not to be there.

Susan W. said...

About the only combination for menage I don't really read is the f/f/m and f/m/f. No particular reason other than it does nothing for me. Now I'll read just about any m/f/m and m/m/f. Both combinations work for me.

June M. said...

I like it all, LOL! I do my first menage that I read was a MMF story. This was the first erotic story that I had read, my first menage, and first m/m story. Really different for me. I do like m/m stories, so I like when them males in menages share both the female and each other. But I also love MFM stories too. I have not really read much in the area of FMF or FFM stories, 2 women just don't do anything for me.

Tymber Dalton said...

I like it all. LOL That's why some of my series are mfm and some are mmf. I luurrrve reading mm and mmf, but I do understand that some aren't into that. So I write the whole gamut.