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Making Ménages Magical
    Happy Sunday everyone! I’m so happy to be guest blogging at When One Is Not Enough for the third time. Yes, I said the third time. Can you believe it? I know I can’t. Going from reading this blog last summer for the first time to having a chance to write here is surreal, but being allowed to do it more than once is un-freaking-believable. So I want to thank the authors here from the bottom of my heart for having me. You are a truly fabulous group of ladies.

Since three is a magical number in my mind, I thought I would head down the road to the fantasy world of Mia’s Magical Ménages.  Why don’t you join me? I promise not to freak you out with my dirtiest dreams, and there will be deliciously sexy men coming along for the ride. So, how about it? Want to come with me?
Wow, that sounded really naughty. But I digress…as usual.
Now you might be asking yourself what I’m talking about and what exactly a magical ménage is. Well, it isn’t what you might think. I’m not referring to magic, mythical creatures. No fairies, dragons, demons, shapeshifters, or giants exist in my magical ménages—at least, not yet. But who knows? Maybe one day.
My magical ménages don’t take place in some far off kingdom or another dimension. They occur in unconventional Kansas towns that most people can’t find on the map unless they hop on one foot, chant, “There’s no place like home,” and squint at a United States map while spinning counter-clockwise.
Okay, I might be stretching it a bit. I just wanted to see if anyone would try it. So did you? Do it, I mean. You can tell me. It’ll be our little secret…No takers? Eh, I’m not surprised, but it was worth a shot anyway.
    All that being said, my ménages are only magical because I make them that way. I take a love story set in the real world filled with ordinary people living everyday lives, and I turn it upside down.
Are you curious how do I do it yet? Well, that’s top-secret and highly-classified. I would have to kill you if I told you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I couldn’t say that with a straight face so I might as well just spill the beans. Here it is: I convert the stories to fairy tales. Just not your typical fairy tales. They are racy and risqué and, most importantly, they are for grownups only.
You are probably wondering why in the world I would do that. You might even be thinking that transforming a fairy tale into something smutty is slightly weird and a whole lot twisted. Well, I have two things to say to that.
First of all, thank you. I love to be called slightly weird and a whole lot twisted. Add in naughty, wicked, and dirty…that means I would hit the trifecta. And secondly, I believe that we as adults deserve our own happily ever after too. But, at the same time, I’m a realist. Our fairy tales aren’t going to be the same as a child’s, and we definitely aren’t going to see them the same way as they would.
We don’t generally fantasize about being awakened with a perfunctory kiss. And most of the time, we don’t dream about a prince rescuing us and carrying us away on his white horse. No, we want a real man in our fantasies. Or, in my case and probably yours, we want real men.
Although, I must confess that sometimes the real men I fantasize about are not exactly my next door neighbors. It could be just me, but I have been known to dream about ménages with real men who also happen to be famous. But I like to keep that on the down-low. Shhh!
We won’t discuss how I have dreamed of being sandwiched between …

Neither of them would have to do much. They could just sing, and that would rock my world.

I would just take three of him, and I’d be good to go for the rest of my life.

Seriously, Kelly writes sonnets, Peyton was a UT football player, and David oozes sex. Need I say more? I didn’t think so.

My favorite author and fellow Siren sister, Sophie Oak, created hours upon hours of delicious fantasies for me. Jack Barnes and Sam Fleetwood are quite possibly my two favorite heroes of all time—in any book by any author. That Abby is one lucky lady. If I didn’t adore her so much, I think I might be willing to throw down for them. Yum! If you haven’t read either of these fabulous books, you should check them out at Bookstrand now. Then you can have some fantasies of your own. (Link: AND
    Keep in mind, I’m only naming a few of the men I have fantasized about. Since I figure you probably have plans today, I won’t even start the list of vampires, cowboys, models…okay, see, I can keep going for a while.
So what about you? Who do you fantasize about? What men would make the cut for your magical ménage? I would love to hear from you. Just leave me a comment below. Or, if you are shy, feel free to email me with your answer at
    Have a great rest of your day!
Love and cherries,

Mia Ashlinn writes exclusively for Siren Publishing.  She lives in East Tennessee with her wonderful, loving husband and their drama queen daughter. She loves to read anything she can get her hands on, cook whatever crazy recipe comes to her mind, and chat with everyone on Facebook and Twitter.  The first two books in Mia’s Sweet Serenity series, “Destined To Be Three” and “Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome,” are available now.  The third book in that same series, “It Takes Three to Fly,” is tentatively scheduled to release on August 3, 2012.

Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome

Once upon a time, in an unorthodox Kansas town, there was a teenage girl named Shannon Roberts who fell in love with her best friend’s three larger-than-life brothers. But a deranged killer’s threats destroyed any chance she had for happiness with Jared, Drew, and Randy Dalton.
Thirteen years later, Shannon receives a life-altering phone call telling her that her parents' murderer is dead. Instead of feeling relieved, Shannon is left heartbroken. She’d pushed away Jared, Drew, and Randy for nothing, and the triplets have moved on without her.
When Shannon’s best friends dare her to have a makeover, she is forever altered—mind, body, and soul. With a new sense of empowerment, Shannon realizes it is time to fight for her fairy tale.
Will a spicy invitation entice the men back into Shannon’s arms and save their happily ever after, or will outside forces tear them apart once again?

“You guys didn’t have to walk me to the front door.” Shannon smiled hesitantly, staring straight ahead at the buttons on Jared’s dress shirt. “I appreciate it, though.”
Jared ran a callused finger down her right cheek and under the side of her jaw, trailing slowly to her chin. He lifted her chin high enough that she met his heavenly blue eyes. “We wanted to, princess.”
Princess. She was no princess, and she didn’t want to be one. Being a princess in a far-off kingdom where a title was only a title held no appeal. But, with him, she wanted to be a princess. With him, she was one.
Jared was her fairy tale. And so was Drew. And Randy. They were her princes, and she was their princess. If it weren’t for the villain, she would have had her happily ever after years ago.
I can have my happily ever after starting now, damn it. If she wanted them, she had to tell them. They put themselves on the line for her—time and again. Why couldn’t she do the same?
Throwing aside fear and gathering her courage, Shannon blurted out, “Do you want to come in?” She slapped her hand over her mouth, surprised that she finally said the words she wanted to say, not what was expected of her or what she had to say to protect them and herself or what her guilt told her to say. She said what she wanted and needed. It might not be everything she wanted to say, but it was a start. “I, um, don’t have any coffee or anything like that. But I baked homemade cookies yesterday. Oh, and I made some tea.”
“We would love to,” Jared said, his eyes boring into hers. The intensity of his gaze stole her breath. Without words, he told her he knew what she meant. He understood this was more than cookies and tea, and he loved her for it.
Randy appeared to be on the same page as his brother. With a grin, he held out his hand for her keys. She dropped the bulky key chain into his palm without hesitation. This felt too right to be wrong.
Randy grabbed her hand before she pulled it away and brought it to his lips for a poignant kiss. “Thank you.”
Startled and confused, she asked, “For what?”
Neither man answered her. Instead, they jumped into action. Randy unlocked the door and pushed it open while Jared swung her up into his robust arms and walked into her apartment. Following them inside, Randy closed the door behind him.
Unable to wait another minute, she had to know, “When will Drew be here?” Her impatient question came out too sharp, making her sound abrupt and insolent. She truly didn’t want to sound rude, but she needed him. The night couldn’t begin without their final link, Drew.
Randy’s startled, “Oh,” made her stomach drop to the floor. He wasn’t coming. Of course he wasn’t. She felt stupid and hurt and angry with herself—all at once.
“Don’t say it,” she choked out, her voice wavering with each passing word. Hearing their inevitable answer would only do damage. She didn’t need a confirmation. “You don’t have to. I know.”
Jared strode over to the old, beat-up couch. Sitting down gingerly, he held her close in his arms. “Princess,” Jared said, his voice soothing her, slowing her heart rate and relieving some of the tension in her chest. “He wants to be here, but he isn’t ready.” He pushed a stray strand of her red hair away from her face. “You weren’t ready and now he isn’t. Give him the time he needs. He’ll come around.”
An enormous, looming presence came up behind her and plopped down next to them, squishing the mustard-yellow cushion under his fine ass. Unlike his older brother, Randy wasn’t careful or hesitant. He was just there. She loved that about him. Randy wouldn’t let her sulk or treat her with caution. He understood her need to steer clear of the pity parties. “Baby doll, stop worrying or beating yourself up or whatever you are doing in that pretty head of yours. It will work out. Just relax.” Randy laid his warm hand between her shoulder blades, rubbing up and down. The slow, methodical way his hand moved aroused her as much as it relaxed.
Clenching her thighs together, she prayed for the ache in her pussy to go away. She couldn’t fuck them without Drew. She wouldn’t. No. No. No. This wasn’t going anywhere, at least, not tonight and not until Drew was with them. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, sister.
Without thinking of the consequences, she squirmed in Jared’s lap.
The cock pressed against her ass jumped, and Jared growled. “God. Shannon, don’t move. I am trying to be sensitive to your feelings. Keep that up, and I won’t stop until I’m between your sexy legs. Fuck sensitivity.”
She froze and so did Randy. His hand halted midback, and he leaned closer to her, whispering wickedly, “Keep that up, baby doll. Be a bad girl and give us a reason to stop being the considerate gentlemen.”
Whipping her head around, she peered at Randy. The sensual promise in his heavy-lidded, blue eyes drew her in, making her hormones override her good intentions. She trembled, her body vibrating with the need to be closer to his. “I’m tired of being well behaved. Can’t I be bad for just a little while?”

Smashed chest to chest with Jared on the couch, Shannon’s nipples beaded behind the fitted bodice of her dress. With each downward grind of her pelvis, her breasts bounced, the sensitive peaks nearly painful as they rubbed the fabric against his brawny chest. Cursing the clothes separating them, she pulled back enough to jerk her strapless dress down, revealing her aching mounds to Jared.
Jared’s eyes widened dramatically as his naked gaze feasted upon her breasts. “My God, they’re beautiful.” He grabbed her face, crashing his lips against hers, his hard to her soft, his demanding to her giving. He kissed her as though she were both his first meal and his last. The gluttonous melding of mouths short-circuited her brain, halting her movements and stealing her breath.
With her control wavering, Randy seized the upper hand. He brushed her hair aside then caressed the delicate skin on the back of her neck, just below the hairline, with his callused fingertip. He worked his way lower, trailing his finger down her back languidly and causing her body to arch as one shiver after another slithered along her spine.
She broke Jared’s kiss, throwing her head back and moaning for all she was worth.
Randy’s hand met the lacey fabric of her thong and hastily thrust it aside. He caressed the indentation above her cleft, drawing invisible circles inside. Each loop of his finger brought him closer to her ass, teasing her until she cursed him vehemently. “Damn you, Randy Dalton. Touch me!” His finger slowed drastically, the torment of his being so close yet so far, driving her to begging, “Please, Randy. I need you. Touch me. Please just touch me.”
“I think our woman wants you to touch her tight, little asshole,” Jared informed his brother smugly.
She grunted an agreement despite her compulsion to smack the smugness right out of Jared. If she wasn’t burning inside and in dire need of an orgasm, she would have.
“Okay,” Randy acquiesced.
Shannon realized a moment too late that he’d complied too easily, too readily, and without protest. A biting pinch to her ass reminded her. She yelped in agony, but then a warm, radiating feeling bloomed in her ass and, within seconds, her blood pumped through her veins with the ferocity of a freight train. She glanced over her shoulder at Randy, giving him the evilest eye she could muster in her aroused state, and snarled, “You fucking asshole.” Don’t stop. Give me more.
Jared slapped his hand across her mouth, swallowing up a sizable portion of her face. “Princess, don’t dig your grave any deeper.” Rather than heed Jared’s wise advice, she scowled at him and then bit his palm as hard as she could.
“Tread carefully, Shannon.” Jared’s reasonable tone vanished, his voice taking on a harshness that would scare most sane people, not that it affected her in any way. When it came to the Dalton brothers, she wasn’t of sound mind or body. Her wet panties drove that point home. Smiling devilishly, Jared added, “I bite back.”
“As do I,” Randy informed her, illustrating his point with a nip to her ass.
Pissed off, she ranted at the two men, regardless of the hand muffling her tirade and their complete disregard to her temper tantrum.
Randy lifted up and pressed his lips to the back of her neck where his finger had been only moments ago. He moved downward with wandering lips, his tongue licking an identical path from her neck to her ass as earlier. He stopped to lave the hollow spot just above the crevice, giving her a taste of the forbidden, but not the feast she craved.
Jared removed the hand covering her mouth. “I want to hear you moan,” he murmured, giving her a lingering kiss. “I crave the sound of your lusty cries.”
“Yes,” she hissed. “Make me scream.” And Randy did just that. His mouth dove into the cleft between her ass cheeks and found her rosette easily. He swiped his warm, velvety tongue across her rear entrance before rimming her forbidden hole. His tongue teased the responsive bundle of nerves there, evoking violent tremors from her body.
“Randy,” she screamed as a fire started inside her and raced through her veins. Blood pounded in her ears, drowning out all sound around her. She closed her eyes, riding the swells of ecstasy rolling through her body, but she didn’t have much time to enjoy his carnal actions before he removed his lips from her ass. She lifted her too-heavy eyelids and protested, wanting more of the taboo act he’d committed.
Randy smirked, casually commenting, “We may fight over your pussy, but I know who gets dibs on that sexy ass of yours. Drew has an anal fetish and even I’m not a brave enough man to stand in his way.”
Drew’s name sobered her, snatching her from the sexual haze that clouded her mind. Her head fell forward and landed on Jared’s wide chest, the fabric of his shirt muting her as she mumbled, “I’m so sorry, but I can’t do this without Drew. I need him, too.”
“Well, I guess it’s a damn good thing I’m here then.”
Shocked, she snapped her head around, seeking Drew’s deep voice. He stood in the doorway, his six-foot-one-inch body dwarfing the frame, a mask of pure, unadulterated lust on his handsome face. She shivered, her arousal returning full force plus some. He was here. They all were. Everything she had ever dreamed of was about to come true.


tammy ramey said...

i grew up in Wyoming and Montana and so it's no surprise that i have a thing for cowboys. i also have a bit of a thing for bikers as my first husband was a biker and i loved our Harley.

i think if i had my way it would be Toby Keith,Tim McGraw and Sam Elliott. even if all they did was talk or sing to me that be enough to do it. :D

tammy ramey

Luna Wildwood said...

my menage wish list would have to have a biker dude for sure! A nice dude who's mechanically inclined and likes to tinker with cars kind of man. Maybe another who's artistic or creative in some way and good with his hands (or in the best way if ya know what I mean). Another one could be possibly a business man (even though I prefer more casually attired rather than suits... or unattirde altogether :D )he could be the man in charge and keep the rest of us in check LOL because anyone who knows me would know I'd be the smart ass of the group :P Yes I'm a greedy menager, I want 3 with me in my fantasy! They don't have to be supernatural, just super to me and each other. :) OK done sharing Mia lol

MiaAshlinn said...

Tammy, your dream menage sounds good to me. I have to admit I have had a crush on Tim McGraw for as long as I can remember. He is delicious. He can sing. And he seems sweet, too! I love him. :)

Luna, I cannot even imagine you being a smart ass of any group. Nope, never. (I might be being sarcastic...or am I?) LOL.

Thank you both so much for dropping by and leaving me a comment! :)

SusieJ said...

Thank you for a great post...quite made my Monday morning!
Going to soak in the bath and dream...
Hugs xx

MiaAshlinn said...

SusieJ, you are welcome! I am glad you enjoyed the blog. I loved writing it...a lot! LOL. Hope you have fun! :)