Friday, July 6, 2012

Menage a Movie

So I’ve been to a lot of movies lately. My May was kind of crazy so the hubby and kids have forced me to get out and see that there’s a world out there. I see the sun for like five whole minutes before I sink into someone else’s fantasy.

The summer’s been nice, but you know me, I see a dearth of ménage. I know that sounds weird to you. You’re sitting there like, Sophie, what did you expect? Well, I expected the world to look like mine. I write two hot dudes, one smart, sarcastic slightly overweight girl stories like ten hours a day. It’s warped my sense of reality. And any author who tells you they don’t write themselves in as the heroine is high – or lying – or way less self-absorbed than me. So when I go to the movies, I settle in and try to put myself in the film.

I totally went into Avengers thinking Love Extreme. Yeah, I could totally do that.  Sure, I wouldn’t look as good as Scarlett Johansson in that leather cat suit, but if you put me in like fifty shades of Spanx, I could be the Black Widow. Except where’s the ménage a many? Shouldn’t she be doing Thor and Captain America while the dude with arrows waits his turn and Iron Man lives up to that name? Nope. Didn’t happen. She didn’t even get to make Hulk turn green.

Okay. So that was a bust. But surely Snow White and the Huntsman will play out my fantasies. I mean I know damn well that the Huntsman isn’t Prince Charming and that there’s some hottie playing a prince. And Kristen Stewart is the new queen of being forced to choose between hot dudes. It’s her time. Maybe if she gets between two guys we’ll see a smile on that pretty face. (Holy fuck I think I just turned into my mother.) So I settle in ready for some fairy tale action.

Chris Hemsworth doesn’t even take off his shirt. Sob.

But Magic Mike will surely have some lucky girl caught between Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, the one who looks so young I kind of want to feed him a sandwich and send him on his way and Matthew McConaughey who looks startlingly good in a leather thong. Seriously, do they do ass Botox? I mean that butt is firm.

Oh, there’s sex, but it’s like the joyless, seedy type that’s supposed to make us feel so bad about picking up a dude that we just settle in with our vibrators because they don’t judge us. Thank you Steven Soderbergh for taking a movie with that many hot dudes and making me kind of want to cry.

But kudos to Jenna Dewan Tatum – because dayum girl, your ex-stripper husband is hawt as hell and any man who can do that with his hips has to be good in bed.

So I sigh because even the ménage movie I rented – This Means War – didn’t have a ménage in it.

Does it count if I find two vibrators? One the big alpha male vibe and the secondary beta vibe with a serious need to take care of me.

Yeah, that’s how far I’ve fallen. And it won’t get any better. Oliver Stone put out a film this week. Yeah, like that’s going to meet my needs.

Holy hell! The Savages really is a ménage. I have to go. I’ll be at the theater! 


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Michelle Vasquez said...

Hilarious! I rarely ever get out to the movies, but I did make it to Magic Mike this week. I think I possibly wasn't paying much attention to the movie itself. Wait, what was it about again? LOL! Yeah, I was just concentrating on all that hot man-flesh on the big screen and I didn't catch much else. ;)

Michelle V

Susan W. said...

That is why I don't go to the movies! I prefer the movies in my head while I'm reading a hot book! I did make an exception and went to see Magic Mike just for the eye candy. Didn't care much for the plot!

Ursula said...

Thank you for that! I was beginning to think i was defective. Don't get me wrong, Magic Mike was full of seriously hot men. And yeah it was fun while they were on screen. But that movie left me feeling a little depressed. Like you said, a little seedy. All my friends are raving about how hot that movie made them and i just left the theater a little depressed. Glad to know I am not the only one.

Sophie said...

I'm with you, Ursula. I just felt a little dirty. The eye candy was amazing, but I wanted something that was just pure fun. I think I'm going to write a movie I'll call it Mama Mia With Junk. Mama Mia made me happy. Hot guys with junk hanging out makes me happy. It's a perfect marriage!

ashleyd said...

I love that most of the men i know are talking so much crap about Magic Mike. It was ok whe Showgirls came out but not a movie full of eye candy for the ladies. Sophie let us know how Savages is. i'm very curious:)

Aisha said...

Ok so i'm no the only one who got a thrill when they realized that the menage potential was actually being used. YES I can't wait to Savages, it looks awesome. My girls and i are supposed to go see Magic Mike tonight, i'm there just for the ye candy, no need for a plot. I hope Savages truly lives up to the potential b/c I can only watch Splendor so many times.

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh you had me giggling all over the place!! Too cute!! I don't bother with movies often....even with grown kids the hubby and I just don't find many movies worth the price of admission...let alone skipping the mortgage payment to buy the popcorn and drinks! Sheesh! The only movie we've seen this year...and enjoyed...was The Muppets! LOL menage there.....although......NO I will not go there! LOL Now back to waiting semi-patiently for Chasing Bliss! ;) Thanks for the giggles!!

Alisa (Lee)