Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Olympic Hotties! by Lily Harlem

So the Olympics are coming to my homeland of Great Britain, and I am getting EXCITED! I saw the torch as it was carried through my local town amidst much cheering and excitement, and I have tickets to a couple of events and parties planned to watch others on the big screen.

So, to the contestants! It's not that I don't admire their awesome talent and dedication to their chosen sport, I do, but I also admire their damn fine physical attributes. Here are some hot guys to look out for during the next few weeks, you never know, you may even find yourself a new hero :-)

Andreas Thorkildsen - Norway - Javelin

Clemente Russo -  Italy - Boxer

Ludwig Paischer - Austria - Judo

Oscar Pistorius - South Aftrica - Paralypmic sprinter

David Oliver - USA - Hurdles

Hugo Parisi - Brazil - Diving

Guiseppe Lanzone - USA - Rowing

Danell Leyva - USA - Gymnastics

Teddy Riner - France - Judo

James Magnussen - Australia - Swimming

Yohan Blake - Jamaica - 100m

Oussama Mellouli - Tunisia - Swimming

Yum, which sport are you going to be watching?????

Lily x

PS - If you fancy reading about sporting heroes getting down and dirty in the bedroom check out my HOT ICE series.


SusieJ said...

Sigh.....thank you for a good start to the day...:)
I'm upset that Becks wasn't picked for the football...then we could have had yummy pics of him.
Hugs xx

Lily said...

Susie - I'm with you on the Becks thing, I thought he deserved a place on the team. The Italian boxer, Russo, 2nd on this list, is mega drool worthy though! He used to be a police officer before he went into boxing!

Lily x

Chris said...

We will be watching most of it! Counting down the days!! With one child in gymnastics he wants to watch the mens gymnastics(of course hes also rooting for Jake Dalton from Oklahoma University that hes seen perform with OU) I really like swimming. But man theres some hot ones in every sport!! lol

Jaye Tyler said...

i want a menage with the mens swimmers! especially camille lacourt