Friday, July 20, 2012

Public sex...

So I've been doing some research for a story on public sex and came across an interesting article on the web depicting where men like to have sex in public.

1- The shopping mall

Anyone who's ever worked at a mall knows about those rear walkways used to connect stores. The doors are usually open and no one's patrolling them most of the time. Just wait for the shoppers to look the other way and duck inside a "Mall Personnel Only" door. And because those back walkways are so quiet, it's easy to hear footsteps approaching.

2- Empty university classroom

Ever been bored in class and wondered what better use you could put that lecture hall to? Schools usually post a schedule of when each room is free and when it's in use. Just take note of an opportune time and show up. Universities being the trusting types, often these rooms remain open. Now if you can dodge the janitor, you're in. Don't forget to leave the lights off so as not to attract any attention.

3- The park

Ah, a day at the park. Here a spot deep in the woods is probably no good because of poison ivy, deer ticks and an assortment of other hazardous plants and creatures. So find a hidden grassy spot somewhere out of sight.

You're best off heading there at sunset or at night, when there are less people, and choose a spot that has some kind of obstacle that you can hide behind long enough to pull up your pants, should you get caught.

4- On a downtown train

If you find yourselves on a train for an hour or so, find an empty train car and get busy. Look for the cars with the bench seats -- plush upholstery is preferred. Just wait until the train is not too full and it's nearing the end of the line. Oftentimes if it's the last stop of the night, train conductors will make the remaining passengers move toward the front car, giving you your choice of empty cars.

5- Cemetery

Why not try the cemetery? You know it's deserted, peaceful and quiet. Usually the front gate is always open, but if not, it should still be relatively easy to get in. The most you'll have to do is jump a fence. Just wait until after nightfall.

6- Golf course

The golf course is another good choice for sex. The grass is manicured and soft. And because there aren't any twigs, branches or rocks laying around, you may not even need a blanket.

It's best to do it at a public golf course because country clubs are a little touchier about trespassing (unless you happen to be a member).

7- Coat check area

This could be at a wedding, for example. People won't suspect you're gone, and even less that you're hiding in a closet. Just duck inside, quietly close the door (if there is one) and get down to business. Even if someone comes in to get their coat, if the room is somewhat big, they probably won't be wise to a thing.

Sometimes company parties are held at fancy catering spots or at country clubs. Both of these places likely have great unattended coat check rooms.

I found some of these places quite interesting. Although I have not experienced "doing it" in a public place, I'm interested to see if anyone out there has.


Drmgrl99 - Dawn said...

I can say I have completed 1-2-3-6-7 :) Happily never really considered myself an exobitioniist but damn guess I like having fun in public according to this lol. I can add amusement parks, movies, club bathroom, work office, I know there's more but think Ill stop there cause I'm starting to incriminate myself now lol. Thanks for bring up memories ;)

Chris said...

Park..Behind stores.. Behind movie a outdoor pool. The lake..