Saturday, July 28, 2012

When A Menage Series Decides To Go MF

Those familiar with my Freakn' Shifters series (Delicate Freakn, Flower, Jealous And Freakn') know that menage played a pivotal role in those stories. It was essentially the whole plot. I assumed the third book would end up menage as well, I looked forward to it even, but lo and behold, my hero, Chris, and the heroine, Jiao, just don't want to share each other with anybody else.

I tried to swerve them in that direction. Thought I had the whole thing plotted out. Thought it would be easy given Jiao is already married, but my darned characters won't budge. They want only each other.

What can I do?

Let the story tell itself the way it wants apparently, but now I have to hope the lovers of this series won't get mad. Especially since, I've already got a basic outline for book 4, and I'm not sure if it's going to menage itself either.

What the hell?

But never fear. My threesome and foursome days are not even close to done. I've got a new alien story that's dying to get told with three, hunky ET's. I've also been kicking around an idea for a new Alien Mate, with you guessed it, two blue heroes and one unsuspecting human. Damn but I love writing about extra terrestrial life. They really know how to probe.


So let me ask you, would stop reading a series that started out menage then switched to MF? Do you care how many people are involved so long as everyone is having fun and the romance feels real? I know in Jealous And Freakn', the threesome aspect created the conflict in the book, what with Mitchell being so stubborn about sharing Francine. The funny part? Readers were split on the outcome. It seems while many were happy at how things turned out, just as many thought Francine should have told where Mitchell to go (a very hot place lol) and just kept Alejandro. Me, I liked the sparks that flew off them as they both fought for her affection. I liked that Mitchell was reluctant to share his woman. That he didn't come to the threesome thing easily. When he finally fell, it made it all the sweet. Or hotter. Depends on your view lol.


June M. said...

I love your books whether they have just 2 lovers, 3 lovers, 4 lovers, etc. They are all great, hot romances so I know that I will love them no matter if they are menages or not.

Lori King said...

I agree with June, it doesn't matter how many lovers there are, as long as the chemistry between the ones you have is scorching! You have a knack for that, so I doubt readers will have any trouble dealing with M/F story line, and I also doubt it will be Vanilla. :) Can't wait to read it!

Eve Langlais said...

@June, good to know :)

@Lori, I don't think I could write vanilla if I tried lol. Somehow the sexy spice always slips in ;p

SusieJ said...

Totally agree......I love your books for the hot doesn't matter whether it's menage or not! Just keep on writing them...please!
Hugs xx

Susan W. said...

Oh, yeah, you keep writing and we'll keep reading. Doesn't matter to me if it's two, three, or more as long as the story's good, the characters interesting and the sex is hot and that's not a problem in your books!