Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Write What You Love/Hate/Fear/Dream...

"They" always say write what you know. It's not always that easy. I don't know anything about outer space or dragons or shape-shifters or...

Get it?

But I do know hope, love, loss, jealousy, fear, greed, sympathy, joy, anger and any other myriad emotions that make us humans.

A better adage I've heard from authors I respect is write what you love. Well, I love playing with characters and their dynamics, whether it's a romance or not, a menage or not. Menages offer an even larger emotional buffet from which to choose. You have so many dynamics at play it's not hard to get lost in the story.

That's why my stories are all over the spectrum, from non-romantic to traditional mf, to mm, to menages of every configuration. I would get bored pigeonholing myself into one category. I write what interests me, what I would enjoy reading, because I am my first (and most critical) reader.

That's another reason why I write BDSM, because since I live the lifestyle and I'm intimately familiar with it (in more ways than one) I have practically limitless topics I can pluck at will from the low branches, so to speak.

I encourage writers not to get too hung up on the details of what they write. Obviously, you need to get the big stuff right. You can't skimp on research. But all the research in the world won't help you if your characters are cardboard cut-outs. The only way your readers will empathize and sympathize with your characters is if they can relate to them in some way. Your readers are human. They understand emotions. They know what makes them feel ____ and when your characters feel those same emotions, it hooks the readers in.

One of my series I have a lot of fun writing because of the intricate dynamics is my "Good Will Ghost Hunting" demon series. Think Ghost Hunters meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :) I'm fortunate that Siren-BookStrand picked them up and re-released the first two in the series. That means I can get busy finishing it up now! :)

The first two books, "Demon Seed" and "Hell's Bells," are available from Siren-BookStrand at:


And you can find out more information at my website at: http://tymberdalton.com

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