Monday, August 20, 2012

A little of this...A little of that...A chance to win an ebook!

I'm working on a shifter novel for one of my publishers. It is the fifth book in the story and all about two alpha wolves that find themselves falling for the same woman. The thing is, these two alphas are lovers themselves.

At first I found it hard to write about two gay men finding a female counterpart. For one thing, it seemed a little unbelievable (lets not count the whole shifter or vampire books that are out there.) What I'm talking about is if something like this happens in real life (two gay men loving a woman.)

Now, I'm sure SOMEWHERE out there this has happened, and what I'd like to know from you, the reader, is if you have personally been in a situation like this, or have known three people in this type of triangle.

I've written one other book about this, but never really stopped to think about all of this.

I am offering one reader a choice of ANY of my back titles. I have a little bit of everything to chose from, and all you have to do is give me your honest experiance, if one is present, on the question I asked. Just comment to this post and include your email address and the ebook you'd like to read. I'll randomly select one reader tomorrow (Tuesday.)

*Just go to Http:// to select which book you would like to read.

Thanks for the help!

-Jenika Snow


Chris said...

I havent read Lilly's Surrender even though its on my list of to get :)

No1lefthere @ cox dot net

CaroleDee said...

I don't have any real-world experience with MMF but I will say that I respect menage stories more that are MMF as opposed to MFM. I've mentioned it before, but it just seems more realistic that the two men in bed be attracted to each other as well as the female. Straight men don't generally jump into bed with each other even if there is a woman there. LOL

I'd love to check out The Chosen. (I lurv me some vamps :)

winkipinki1134 @hotmail. com

Chris said...

Straight men will, if they know each other well. Or if they arent phobic :)

Chris said...

I havent been with 2 gay men, so that one is outta my know. Sorry keep adding comments here lol. 2 straight yes.

CaroleDee said...

well here I am looking the liar. LOL. touche' Chris! ;)