Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A TALL Drink of Water

I'm a sucker for tall, gorgeous men.  I fall for them every single time, no matter what, because my brain stops working and turns to mush.  It's a genetic flaw, one I really don't care that I have.

I'm 5'8"...which isn't necessarily Amazonian, but it's pretty tall for a female.  There are A LOT of men on this planet that are 5'8" or below.  Trust me.  I know. And you can count out those that are 5'9" - 5'11".  A woman must wear a sexy pair of heels on occasion and a man cannot be shorter than me.  Ever.  Six foot or taller...there is no other way to go.

I've tried dating shorter men.  Twice.  And it just didn't work for me.

Yes, I know it's a bit of vanity on my part.  I can own up to that.  I do not want a man I have to look down on or look at the top of his head.  I want to have that stereotypical moment of looking up at the man I adore...or lust, whatever works...as he's about to lean down and kiss me senseless.  I want to feel tiny and petite -- all woman.  I want him to be able to throw me around the bed and love me like a real man.

*If you're unsure what I mean, just check out the recent Trueblood episode with Alcide and his lovely new wolfie GF.  Yep, I want a whooollllle lotta that.*

For the most part, I write all my heroes as larger than life and that of course stems from my big guy fantasies.  And isn't that what it's all about as a writer?  Writing down your stories, intertwined with your fantasies and experiences...it's as it should be.  Then we put it out there in writerland and hope that someone reads it and enjoys the ride.

Now off to re-watch that old episode of Trueblood.  THANK YOU HBOGO!


Doris O'connor said...

Hmm I love that scene in True Blood ;-)

Great post and I completely agree. I'm five foot eight too and hubby is six foot, so it just about works, lol.

Men have to be taller than their women, they just do :-)

SusieJ said...

Totally agree re the height difference! I'm "lucky"...I'm only 5ft tall....my hubby is at the 6 ft mark...my son is over the 6ft mark and he delights in telling me that almost everyone is taller than me..lol!
Hugs xx

Alexandra O'Hurley said...

I feel ya, Doris! I'm going back out with Mr. Six Foot Five on Friday...and part of his mystique is the fact that I have to crane my neck to look up at him. Susie, I sometimes wish I was shorter. Fortunately for my kiddo, she's a couple of inches shorter than me. She's still tall at 5'6", but won't be as intimidating for men!

CaroleDee said...

My thoughts exactly. I wish there were more books written with taller women as leads. I'm 5'9 so it's always hard to relate to characters that are described as 'Pixie'.
I never dated anyone shorter than me, but somehow ended up marrying the shortest guy I ever dated (he's 6') Which works out okay for me because I'm hopeless in heels. LOL

Alexandra O'Hurley said...

CaroleDee, all of my heroines are taller...5'8" and up. I write what I know ;) I don't know how it feels to be tiny and petite, so I don't go there.

And of course, that means the guys just need to be bigger and badder!

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