Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alien Abduction Bundle - Giveaway

Hello everyone, how are you? Me, I've been ridiculously busy lately what with the launch of two series bundles, the upcoming launch of my eagerly anticipated FUC #3 story, Croc and the Fox, all the while trying to finish Freakn' Shifters #3, Already Freakn' Mated.

And I don't see things calming down anytime soon lol.

So let's make this post an easy one. Leave a comment telling me if you'd like to get abducted by a big purple hunk and you'll have a chance to win an ecopy of my Alien Abduction Bundle.

Simple? Awesome. Just don't forget to include an email so I can send you the yummy purple goodness. 3 stories in one handy book includes Accidental Abduction, Intentional Abduction, and my bestselling, super yummy and funy, MFM story, Dual Abduction.

Oh, and just so you know, once you go purple...let's just say if you look at anything else, they're liable to lop its head off. LOL.

EDITED TO ADD: Yes, this is international!! And, the contest ends Monday 8am, August 13h 2012


julie beasley said...

hope its international im in the uk. i really enjoyed your post. i like some purple please. purple power rules. thanks for the chance.

Veronica said...

If I wasn't happily married then I would love to get abducted by a big purple hunk. Purple is my favorite color so I would not find it a hardship! ;)

SusieJ said...

Oh, yes! I'd love to be abducted by a hot purple alien....especially if he was like the heroes of your books!
Hugs xx

Becki Wyer said...

Purple power!! I want to be abducted :)

mmph said...

OMG I am so dying for Already Freakin' Mated!
But while I'm waiting I would absolutely *love* to be abducted (and hopefully experimented on) by some sexy purple hunks! Woot!
Thanks for the chance to win!


Kaylyn D. said...

I can't wait for Already Freakn' Mated! I love that series. Who wouldn't want to be abducted by super hot purple aliens. lol I'm also looking forward to FUC #3. I love your sense of humor and can't wait for more!

Vanessa N. said...

Yes, I'd definitely love to get abducted by your purple hunks. Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would love to have a purple hunk. :)

Joanne said...

I love purple. This series sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.


suzi1811 said...

Purples one of my favourite colours! I most certainly would jump at the chance to be abducted by a sexy purple alien looking looking to seduce me! Lol!

suzi1811 (at) fsmail (dot) net

Susan W. said...

I would SO love to be abducted by a purple alien!!! And as for the next Freakin' Shifters, CAN'T WAIT!
Thanks for the giveaway!


SusanR said...

I'd love to get abducted by a big, purple hunk! Especially before I have to tackle Mount St. Laundry! LOL

susanmik AT gmail DOT com

Book Lovin Mamas said...

I would definitely love to be abducted by big purple aliens! ;) Thanks for the giveaway.

~Anna @ BLM

Rebecca T said...

Hi Eve, yes I would most definitely like to be abducted by big hot sexy purple aliens. So if there are any lying about please send them this way :)Can't wait to try these I love Pack Law and Freak'n series' I'm just waiting for the FUC Bundle now and this bundle. Keep up the awesome writing.


Dragon Momma said...

So long as the purple hunk looked like Jimmy Thomas, I'd be happy as a puppy playing in the grass!! LOL!

I LOVE the color purple. AND I love your books!!! I just don't have this series. Yet. ;)

I SO adore your Freakin shifters series!!! Well, actually...I love all the books of yours that I own!

Looking forward to reading this series.

Stacy Wilson

dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

You had me at big purple hunk!

riverinaromantic AT aol DOT com

Tamara Hoffa said...

would love to abducted by a purple hunk. Hope they like fat old ladies, lol

Chris said...

I want to be abducted daily :)

no1lefthere@ cox dot net

tammy ramey said...

i hope i am not to late to enter. i would love to win this, i'm a HUGE fan.

tammy ramey

Victoria Taylor said...

I would love to abduct by a gorgeous purple hunk of an alien. I just hope that I'm not too late for this contest. I even know how I would be abduct by one of those hunks. Right in the middle of a shower. Would be interesting.

Anyway.. Victoria Taylor or Just Taylor

Eve Langlais said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of people wanting some purple hotness! lol. Awesome. I've drawn a winner, number seven, you are about to find out why purple is the way to go.

Congrats to the Vanessa N and thanks to everyone else who entered.