Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Going to some romance conventions in 2013

Yup, I'm yanking on my big girl granny panties and taking the plunge. After some nice invitations, I've decided to go to two romance conventions in 2013. Yay, right? Not really for someone like me who is happiest at home lol. I am scared, but excited with a dose of panic thrown in for good measure. lol.

Where am I going you ask? Well the first one is not 100% confirmed, so I won't talk about it yet, but the second is the first ever, brand spanking new Indie Romance Convention being held in Lebanon, Tennessee. It's a long freakn' way from home lol. A couple of hours by plane and then a short drive. Being in the US, I need to get my first ever passport -- and set of luggage.

I'm dragging my hubby along with me for moral support. He is planning to golf while we're there, but that will depend on my panic level. I might need to crush his hand, maybe hide my head under his shirt. He thinks I'll be fine ( or so he fervently hopes so he can golf). We'll see. Don't get me wrong, I can be social, but I do get overwhelmed by large crowds. And giggly. I laugh non stop and get loud, very loud when I'm nervous, so bring earplugs if you come.

Knowing my nerves will be shot, what did I do? I volunteered to do a panel. What was I thinking? I'll be in a mini spotlight with readers throwing questions at me and expecting coherent answers. Have I mentioned I get tongue tied? I might be able to type beautiful turns of phrases, but when it comes to actual speech, I sometimes sounds like an illiterate idiot. Maybe I'll picture you all naked. Hmmm, that could make an interesting scene in an alien abduction book. Lots of naked women in a room, listening to a panel discussion of their upcoming alien life with their new masters. But I am getting off topic...

So, who's going to come to the convention and help me get over my shyness? I'd love to meet some readers. And the organizers are claiming it will be fun. Featuring 20 indie authors, a dozen book bloggers, cover artists and more. There's going to be draws for baskets of goodies. Each author is supplying one. I'll have some of books available in paper and will sign them if you want (but I warn you my writing is horrible!)

Here's the website link to the Indie Convention website (which opens in October for registration).


I hope you'll come!

Oh, and now to shamelessly whore myself, have you read my latest FUC book? Croc and the Fox is burning up in the charts (in a good way lol). If you need something funny and fluffy with a heroine that's not your typical ass kicking shifter, then check it out.


Chris said...

YOU CAN DO IT!! I will I could be there. Stinks theres never anything in Oklahoma lol. Some of us will just have to be with you in thought!

SusieJ said...

You'll be fine!! Wish I could be there in person (I'll be with you in spirit!). If only some of you authors could come to the UK...
Hugs xx

Eve Langlais said...

@Chris, the other one I'm supposed to be doing is in Colorado Springs? How's that? (as you can tell I don't know my US geography lol)

@Susie, I would love to visit the UK one day actually. Fingers crossed one day I get the courage to go lol. My biggest dream escape actually is visiting Australia. I don't know what it is about the down under, but damn it calls to me.