Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guest Blogger: Forever Men by Lace Daltyn

Walls crumble when you build a forever love. 

As a couple, the deep, sensual connection between Desi and Alec is imaginative and limitless, even though Desi’s fear that love is transient keeps her from telling her man how she feels. Fun-loving Alec, who lost his parents in a tragic accident, has found that kind of forever love again. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep it, including giving Desi the one thing he lacks—a partner with a serious side. 

With their fledgling construction company headed for the skids if they don’t finish the job on time, Desi and Alec are frantic to catch up. Enter Alec’s friend, Matt, a man haunted by the “dull and unimaginative” label his ex-fiancé pinned on him. 

Working side by side, a thirst grows that seems unquenchable and each must come to terms with old hurts in order to consider possibilities never before imagined.

Be Warned: menage sex, anal sex, brief m/m interaction.


Only two trucks were parked in front. He recognized Alec’s old beater. The other one, a sleek, black number had wording on the back window.
Silly boys. Trucks are for girls.
Now that was a woman Matt wanted to meet. Motion caught his attention. He squinted, and then his eyes widened. Was that a man and woman screwing in the middle of the unfinished second floor? Matt reached for his binoculars. He focused in on the couple, and his jaw went slack at the same time his jeans grew tight. The binoculars gave him a close-up view of Alec, being ridden by a ... a beautiful siren. Long, dark, wavy hair swayed across a shapely back as she rose and dipped.
Her sun-kissed skin, covered by a sheen of sweat, looked flawless. He could see a construction worker’s tan line on her arm, and that made him even hornier.
When she stretched and pulled her hair out of the way, his view was unencumbered, and he almost shot his load into his jeans right then and there. Perfect, round breasts with nipples pebbled by desire bounced as she rode his friend.
Alec had one hand on her hip and the other buried between her legs. The woman’s eyes were closed, but the open-mouthed rapture on her face showed how close she was to a climax. She cupped her own breasts, kneading them, tweaking the nipples.
Matt couldn’t tear his gaze away as the woman came. She threw her head back and cried out. He felt as turned on by the look of utter delight on her face as he was by how she moved her hands along her own body.
Damn, Alec’s woman was hotter-than-hot.
And double damn, but he was now horny as hell.
Desi tugged at Alec’s chest hair, laughing. “Okay, so maybe I did need a break.”
Alec reached up and pinched a taut nipple between his fingers. “Anytime you need help relaxing, babe, I’m your man.” He looked at his watch. “You might want to get dressed, though. I found us some help. He should be here soon.”
She yelped. “Soon?” Desi jumped up, grabbed for her clothes and headed for the most secluded part of the second floor.
“Why didn’t you tell me someone was coming?”
“I figured we had enough time.” He grinned. “Looks like we did.”
Alec pulled his jeans on and walked over to lean against the framework. He saw the truck tucked back almost out of sight and grinned. With a wave of his arm, he motioned Matt in.
While Desi pulled herself together, he went downstairs to greet him. Seeing the bulge in his friend’s jeans, Alec’s grin widened.
“See anything interesting?” he said, slapping Matt on the back.
“Shit, man. Couldn’t you have gotten a room?”
“Hey, there are two floors of them, right here.”
“A room with walls, man. Walls!”

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