Friday, August 31, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year......

     Wow, this has been a crazy summer for me and it's shot past faster then I could have ever imagined. I had two books come out and experienced the excitement of going to my first convention and book signing in Dallas. (psst...remember that city!) We broke a multitude of records for heat and sunshine which I really enjoyed. :)
      It's been an exciting couple of months here and now I'm only days away from the kids going back to school and I'm juggling the hustle and bustle of new backpacks, sparkly pens and erasers that look like sushi. (I thought that was a bit odd but my youngest insisted. LOL)
The best part is that Tuesday morning, we are suddenly gifted with hours of peaceful uninterrupted reading (or writing) time!

     To celebrate this wonderful time of year, I thought I'd do a contest for everyone. I'll keep it simple.
Answer five questions and email the answers to me. Everyone who gets all five answers correct, will have their name put in a draw to win a $15.00 gift certificate to Siren/Bookstrand! That will help give you a head start into your Fall reading ;)

     Easy Right?

 Here are your questions:

1.) Where was The Romance Convention held this year?
2.) What business did the McNamera brothers open in Ecstasy Lake?
3.) Which one of my books is about Yzzi, Liam and Tristian?
4.) Who are the two Greek gods featured in my first book, Believing is Seeing?
5.) What is the title of the first book in my 3xtasy Lake series?

     Email your answers to me at corinnedavies (at) rocketmail (dot) com before 12:01AM, September 4th
Be sure to put "Summer Contest" in the subject line so you don't disappear into my spam folder. :)

HINT: Almost all the answers can be found HERE  ;)

Good Luck and I'll announce the winner on this blog, Tuesday, September, 4th

UPDATE: September 4th

Congratulations, TinkNCognito!!

You have won the $15.00 gift certificate to Siren/Bookstrand :)

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