Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where's my movie deal?

I know everyone is Trueblood-ed to death and some of you are over it, but I wanted to share a little piece of my world and the little guilty pleasure I share with someone dear to me, so please bear with me.
My sixty-three year old mother read the Charlaine Harris books and loved them.  She made me start watching the series with her when it first started and we often watch together now.  She was so excited to see it come to the screen, but that ended quite soon after the premiere.  I then had a continuous rant to my right of “that didn’t happen in the books!”, “all this sex wasn’t in the books!”, or “what the hell was that?”
All she did was bitch and complain through the episodes, grumbling under her breath, (thank gawd for a pause button and a DVR!) and after a while, I wondered why she even bothered to watch if they upset her so much. 
Eventually, I asked her.  She shrugged and never answered me.
A few episodes ago, she shivers after a scene and says, “that man is so sexy.”  My mother, my prim and proper grandmotherly mother, who never talks in such a manner has a crush on Joe Manganiello.  I mean, can you blame her?  I certainly can’t, but at the same time, it’s incredibly off‑putting that my mother has this crush just because, well, it’s my mom.
This is the same woman who bore me after an immaculate conception.  (Don’t burst my bubble, please.) 
But, I will have to say, her taste in men is spot on.  I recently saw a picture of the Trueblood trifecta, also known as Alcide-Eric-Jason, all shirtless, with a comment across the bottom saying “I watch it for the plot.”  Yeah, me too. Uh-huh
The picture got me thinking, though.  What an incredible ménage a quatre that would be. 
I mean, if 50 Shades of Crap can start as fanfic and develop into what it did, then I can write my fantasy memoir, my nights spent with the three of them, right?  Right??  I’ll be a millionaire author and a nice movie contract, to boot.  Sounds great.  Where do I sign?


Corinne Davies said...

I'll be the first to read it if you write it! ;) A can of whip cream and that trifecta will give me incredible dreams.

Alexandra O'Hurley said...

I will make sure you get an ARC if I ever write it...LOL...with whipped cream, just for you!