Saturday, September 15, 2012

Show your love of aliens - Giveaway!

If you have a fantasy about two alien males -- with say purple skin -- kidnapping you and ravishing your human body -- until you have multiple O's -- and agree to become their woman, then put on some clean underpants and raise your hand. Or even better leave a comment.
I'm giving one lucky person, in either Canada or the US, a Dual Abduction t-shirt. Show your love of aliens by entering the giveaway. Proudly announce your availablility to them as they spy on us from above. Declare your love of all things purple -- times two. Rules? Leave a comment with an email address and tell me how you'll react when they come to take you away to their mothership. Will you be ready? Will you scream and fight? Tackle them to the ground before they can change their minds? Strip and scream, 'About time!' Cry as you leave everything behind? Or will you be the cool and composed human, forcing them to use every seductive wile they possess to make you melt? I want to know!!! Leave me your answer and I'll announce a winner on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012.
On a completely unrelated note, lol, Bunny and the Bear, first in my FUC series, is on sale for a very limited time at B&N and Amazon, for the ridiculously low price of 99cents. If you like to giggle and snort in a very unladylike fashion while reading a steamy romance, then pick up your copy now while the price is dirt cheap.
Happy reading eveyone! Eve


Susan W. said...

I would love to say that I would be the cool and composed human but I'd probably scream and fight instead! LOL! Of course that could lead to a fun chase! LOL!


Chris Walker said...

I would play it coy. DOnt want to look too easy!
no1lefthere! cox dot net

Donna said...

I will grab my Kindle and my cat and plant a big smooch on whatever body part of the aliens might be close-I use a wheelchair which puts me at exactly the right height for kissing interesting parts, both front and back, as I roll on board the spaceship and wave bye-bye to Earth.

I sure would!

Becki Wyer said...

Abduct me!!!! Please? I LOVE purple ;-)

mrs z said...

What would I do? Well. First of all they would have to prove their citizenship from another planet. Men can use paint, etc. So. I'd ask them to strip and 'inspect' them ☺ to see the anatomical and/or investigate if the coloring was superficial or truly a natural pigment. I would definitely have to take a hands on approach with this 'research' of course and take my time to 'satisfy' any lingering doubts on my part.
Assuming they passed this inspection I would definitely have to check into any other differences in response and bodily fluids to get the 100% guarantee that these guys were indeed aliens.

After all this if they passed my rigorous and indepth investigation I think I would leave it up to them to return the favor and see where it goes.

Julia Mills said...

I will be surprised at first, run a little, squeal a little... because being chased is a very very very fun thing! Then I will attempt to calm down because their form of persuasion to "come" along will be THE BEST!!! After I am THOROUGHLY convinced, I will grab both of their hands and we will walk VERY happily into the spaceship for an EXTREMELY fun ride home...ahhhhhh!!! I LOVE PURPLE!!!!

Chrisbails said...

Lets pretend I am single with no kids. Okay I would be weirded out at first, but then if 2 hot men want to take me away I would be all for it. I have always wondered about being with 2 guys and this would be that chance. I do love the color purple also. Thanks for the giveaway. big fan of Eva's books and definately want to read this one know.
christinebails at yahoo dot com

Sandra Dillon said...

I would 100% freak out.....then I would freak out some more! Eventually I would calm down and enjoy the ride lol.

Sandy D.

eranodonnal said...

Hello good looking, so what took you so long? Did you get lost on the way here? I'm ready, let's go! Love me some purple guys! Love, Eran

Eve Langlais said...

And the winner is...
Julia Mills!

But wow, did I enjoy everyone's answers :)
Here's to hoping a purple guy comes to abduct you soon :)