Monday, October 22, 2012

I finally got a mailing list!

One of the most common questions I get right after, 'When is the next book coming out?' is 'Where can I sign up for your mailing list?' It seems there are readers out there that want to be notified when I have new works release. So, I finally took the plunge and set up an email newsletter.

Here's the link to sign up - Click Here .

Been burned in the past with spam? Here's my promise.

I promise to only use the newsletter to send you notices about new releases. Nothing else. I won't be telling you about every contest or giveaway happening. I won't be passing along dirty jokes or naughty pics. I won't use it to tell you about my author friends, or what I ate for breakfast.

The only thing this newsletter will do is tell you when a new book comes out and give you the links to buy it.

Sound good? Then Click Here sign up and never miss a hot new story by yours truly again! lol.



PS. For those wondering, the next story coming up is Human and Freakn', a hot MFM set in the jungle releasing in late November. If you're in the mood for some steamy loving, shifter won't want to miss it!


SusieJ said...

Thanks for this...I've signed up!!
Hugs xx

Eve Langlais said...

Thanks, Susie :)

June M. said...

Signed up! Oh, you can send pictures of hot guys to me ;) LOL