Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I'm writing this as of Sunday, 10/28 and scheduling to post as I'm not sure I'll have power or not as of the day this is supposed to post.

Yes, I'm in Sandy's path, here in good ole Virginia.  I live very close to Virginia Beach and have lived on the East Coast my entire 39 years.  I've weathered quite a few of these storms and have a good idea what to expect.  Although, Mother Nature can sure whip through and cause catastrophes unlike anyone could ever expect.

Hell, just the hot flashes alone she sends me are enough for me to know the power she holds.  She's a crafty bitch.

I've been TRYING to write, but as I've said over on Facebook, I have Sandy ADHD.  I write a paragraph and run back to check out the online coverage.  We're all having fun commiserating with our bad luck of living on the coast.

Maybe I need to get off the computer and take some notes.  A hurricane, two hunky men, and the woman they rescue after the aftermath.  Heck.  That actually sounds kind of interesting.  Perhaps I will write it.

To everyone who is in the path, I wish you all well.  May your roof stay intact and your power stay on.  May your house stay dry and your health carry on. May your cupboards stay full and your kids not drive you insane.

(Also, don't forget my new non-menage title, Her Alien Abductor comes out tomorrow from Evernight Publishing!)

*UPDATE* - We made it through in one piece with power and no flooding.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those in the NJ-NY area who've had widespread flooding and hope everyone is safe and sound.

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