Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hot, Sexy Knights!

Hey all, back again, almost forgot it was my day to post.  Oops!

Since I'm late, I figured I'd just post up a little piece of the new Knights of the Temple - Book 2 I'm working on as my NaNo project.

Meet Matthias, a seven hundred year old Templar Knight, and one of the two heroes from the story.

Knights of the Temple - Book Two

©2012, Alexandra O’Hurley

Matthias watched the woman drop to the floor, his instincts screaming at him to pick her up, care for her.  That wasn’t the man he was.  A woman was a liability and would only slow them down.  He ran a shaking hand through his too–short hair and shuddered as a sigh rose from his chest.  How long had it been since he’d had a woman?  He wasn’t like Nicolas, who seemed incapable of going more than a few weeks without charming the pants off some poor unsuspecting woman.  It had been at least two decades since he’s slaked the lusts that he kept a tight control over.

Love got a man killed, especially a man like him.  Death’s right hand didn’t need a weakness, let alone a woman like her.  She was an unknown entity; with a power unlike anything he’d seen in the seven hundred years he’d been alive.  In that time, he’d met all sorts of paranormal types; things he hadn’t thought were real before he’d been made immortal.  They all paled in comparison to what he’d seen Britt do.  She held life and death in her hands, she wasn’t human.  She was a goddess.  

How long would it be before she turned that power on him?

Matthias had killed multitudes of men in his quests over the years.  Perhaps he’d done it for the sake of the church and then for the sake of good, but blood stained his hands by the bucketful.  He gazed at those hands.  They looked too big, too clumsy; to have been able to do the things they did to others.  They certainly looked too big and clumsy to caress Britt in the way he wanted to touch her now.  He wanted to pick her up and carry her away to a secluded spot where he could undress her and stare at her body for days, to touch her with whisper soft strokes which would make her suck in a breath, needing him as much as he needed her.

His fingers itched to brush through her fine blonde hair.  It looked like silk strands blazing gold in the bright overhead lights.  Long, graceful limbs had settled about her when she’d fallen.  Her porcelain skin was unmarred and shone with life.  He wondered how red her ass would get when he slapped his opened palm along it as he plunged deep within her core.

He shook himself to get the errant thoughts out of his mind.  The next time Nicolas suggested he go out with him looking for tail, he needed to go.  Two decades was much too long to not have a release.  That had to be it.  It wasn’t this woman doing this to him.  

She’d be the death of him.

“We can’t leave her here,” Nicolas spoke and shattered the silence.

“We can’t bring her with us.”

“Matthias, they’ll track us down, retracing our steps.  What if the Illuminati find her?  Do you want her in their hands?”

Mine.  Oh for the love of the goddess, I didn’t just think that did I?  Matthias glanced once again over Britt’s supine form.  “I suppose she goes with us?”

Nicolas smiled, victory stamped on his expression.  “That was much too easy for me to win.”

Matthias felt blood rush into his face, so he quickly turned away and lifted Britt over his shoulder.  “Whatever you say, pretty boy.”

Want to get ready for this story?  Read Deviant Knights - Knights of the Temple, Book 1


Ursula said...

Yay! Finally, book 2. I have been patiently waiting for it.

Alexandra O'Hurley said...

Matthias and Nicolas were being mule headed :)

Susan W. said...

I'm with Ursula! Looking forward to book 2!