Friday, November 9, 2012

I need moving tips...

Well, I'm in the middle of a move. Our closing date for the new house is a week today, but our current house still has not sold. *sigh* There has been so much involved every step of the way, and it has been very stressful—renovations, relocating, packing, kids, new schools, etc.

Escaping into my romance writing has been vital for keeping me grounded in such uncertain times. I can't wait to be settled and looking back at these crazy days.

The first book in my new Iron Spur Ranch series comes out November 26th. It should be on pre-order later next week.  I hope you enjoy The Private Stable and my heroine's journey.

Rachel Price finds refuge from her abusive boyfriend on the Iron Spur Ranch. After applying as a horse handler, Wyatt and Ethan are the cowboys assigned to show her the ropes.

It’s difficult for Rachel to understand why any man would be interested in her. She’s battled weight and self-esteem issues for as long as she can remember. But the men can’t seem to get enough of her—curves and all.

When the two cowboys seduce the timid brunette, she easily slips into their world of dirty sex. They introduce her to new possibilities and teach her what it is to really live again. As their relationship develops, she is continually curious about what goes on in the private stable. When she finally discovers the exclusive BDSM club at the far corner of the ranch, she craves to learn more—and the men deliver.

In other news, the 6th book in my Wolves of Climax series is out on Bookstrand and Amazon. You'll get to learn more about the red wolf in Patrick's Heart.

Cassidy is forced to face a world where fantasy and reality collide. After witnessing Patrick shift into her red wolf, she’s scared and confused. But his raw sexuality and dominant aura keep luring her back. Can she accept that her lover is one of the forest’s deadliest predators?

Patrick’s not impressed that the rest of his pack refuses to come clean with Cassidy. He’s the odd man out after volunteering to reveal his wolf. It wasn’t the magical experience he’d hoped for, only acting to tear them apart. After spending a lifetime carrying a deep seated hatred of humans, he’s ready to do anything to win his little human back.

When a threat comes to Climax, the pack must work together to protect Cassidy. But as soon as they get a chance to complete the mating bond, Garret discovers there is much more to Cassidy and her family drama than any of them could have imagined. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Leave me a tip about moving for a chance to win a $10.00 Siren-Bookstrand Gift Certificate. Lord knows I need all the help I can get!

Stacey xo


Marie Medina said...

I hate thinking about how many times I've moved the last 5 years. Hmmmm. Let's see...

I reserved the front seat of my car for a box full of paper towels and cleaning supplies so it's right there when we arrive at the new place.

I number and label each box with as much detail as possible and keep a list detailing very nearly everything in each one.

If you aren't moving far, let a friend keep your animals for at least a day or two. Our three cats lost a few lives from stress when we moved from Michigan all the way down to Florida.


rodgers.shelli said...

As you pack or unpack get rid of anything you have not used or thought about in the past 6-8 months lol. Also I label boxes for their destination ie room or closet and when they are carried in new house that is where i put them.

Lisa Day said...

don't empty your dresser draw..pack them.. remove the draws before you move the dresser and return the draws once dress is on truck..Save box saves space. and half of your stuff is right where it needs to be..

SusanR said...

Make a box with a set of sheets for each bed, along with a bunch of towels. Move the beds in first, so you can sleep there, and set up the bathroom with towels along with toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, etc.

Get a bucket and fill it with all the cleaning supplies you will need. THis comes first.

Set up another box with paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins and paper towels. THis way you can grab takeput and still have the essentails. Don't forget cups!

When you wrap your kitchen dishes, wrap them in your towels and sheets. THis way you don;t have to wash them once you unpack them, and you don't get newspaper ink all over your hands!

I love to move - can you tell! :)

Susan W. said...

When you load the truck/trailer load the stuff from the room you'll use or need last in the truck first. Then work your way to the room you need up and going first.

Our first move people just put the stuff in any which way and it took forever to organize. The next move we made sure the first room to unload was the room we wanted most. It was much smoother after that.


mmph said...

Wow, these are some great ideas!
I havent moved in over 14 years so I don't have much advice.
However, I do remember taping 3x5 index cards to everything with a surface and labeling like there was no tomorrow. lol

RoseRaven said...

Pack two boxes to be loaded last on the truak so they are first out.

In one box, pack light bulbs, toilet paper, paper plates/cups/utensils and cleaning supplies the you might need. Planning on take out is a good thing the first day. (I usually also pack a small coffee pot/coffee, etc in this one. No one survives without me having coffee first thing in the am.)

The second box, pack a set of sheets/blankets for each bed and towels/washclothes/shower curtain/soap for the bathroom. That way everyone can shower because trust me you will need to.

This way you have the basics without trying to dig through all the boxes at once to find things.

As you are packing, evaluate everything to see if it is something you really want to keep. No use in taking stuff to the new place that is only going to get shoved into a closet and forgotten again.

If you are having movers move you, then invest in some of the upright closet boxes. That way you can move all the hanging clothes still on their hangers and don't have to rehang everything once you get there.

If you have large pieces of furniture to move, measure your doorways to each room that the furniture will go in. If you have to take the door off the hinge to get the furniture in, then plan on having access to the tools needed. I didn't do this once and it was a disaster.

I usually hand carry a file box with all our important paperwork and really valuable jewelry. Don't trust those to a moving company.

Good luck and take a deep breath. You will get through this.

flchen1 said...

Huge hugs, Stacey--we moved last year, and I sure don't look forward to doing that again ;) Everyone has got some great practical tips! I'd also recommend making liberal use of Freecycle and Craigslist to unload anything you don't plan to bring with you ahead of time--less to pack! And take care of yourself--it's hard to with so much going on, but you want to have energy to go on ;)

f dot chen at comcast dot net

elaing8 said...

I just moved a couple of months ago. I hope I don't have to do it for a very long time again :)
The most important is labeling the boxes properly.You don't realize how much stuff you have until its all boxed up. Write exactly whats in each box.

Let movers move you. Its such a pain in the ass to do it all yourself.They're worth every penny.


Eve Langlais said...

Lol, we moved one week before Xmas last year. The key is be ready! Which is totally impossible with kids lol. It will be chaos for a few days, but in a few weeks when you're enjoying your new home, you'll sigh and exclaim it was so worth it :)

Eve Langlais said...

Oh and I used towels and sheets to pack dishes instead of paper so I didn't have to rewash everything.

SheriV said...

I have no real tips. I'm currently moving with two weeks notice. :) I hope it goes smoothly for you. I'm looking forward to the new book

smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

tammy ramey said...

Hi Stacey,
First let me say congratulations on all the wonderful things happening in your life right now.

as for moving tips, one that i have is in your bedroom where you have lots of knick knacks(or even the frontroom) use the dresser drawers and clothes.

wrap the items in the clothes and place them in the draws the tape the draws shut so they won't fly out and spill everything. this saves you space,boxes and paper so it's enviromental too. if you don't have a dresser you can use a cedar chest or trunks, wherever you store your clothes.

Congratulations again and Happy Thanksgiving.

Tammy Ramey