Saturday, November 10, 2012

What happened when Lars finally started talking.

The trees in Algonquin park are looking like an oil painting these days as nature readies itself for a long winter nap. But, the leaves aren't the only thing going through changes in Ecstasy Lake.

After months and months of begging and pleading and offering chocolate, Lars finally sat down and started talking to me. What I wasn't expecting is he brought Cris, 3XTC's DJ along with him. Turns out the two of them have bonded over their pasts and confessed to me what they needed in life.

Little did they know, I already met their Mate and had put her on the road to Ecstasy Lake...


Lars Vandargard has spent centuries as a hermit grieving his past and dreading his lonely future. Finding a best friend in Cris has helped mend his wayfaring soul, but he longs to find the missing piece of his heart, the woman who would complete their trio.

Cris Beauvert first met Tara Brewer years ago and lost her in a moment of carelessness, cursing himself to a life without his Mate. Now that Fate has delivered her to Ecstasy Lake, he comes up with a plan, enlisting the help of the citizens of Ecstasy Lake to make certain she can’t leave.
A fluke accident has landed Tara in this unique town. She’s eager to embrace the future she’s arranged in another Province but comes face-to-face with her destiny in Ecstasy Lake.
Tara is the missing piece to their ménage family, but in Cris and Lars's eagerness to convince her to stay, will their secrets drive her away?

Story Excerpt:

“Finally, after all this time you’re going to let me have a look?” The delight sparkled in Catherine’s eyes and she all but danced in her seat. That is what he loved doing. Making those he cared about smile, and to be honest, if Catherine could give him a bit of insight into his future, he’d take it.
She sat down and carefully turned the teacup over and wrapped her hands around it. Her brow furrowed as she looked at the small remaining leaves. Tilting the cup left and right, she bit her lower lip and frowned harder.
“Well?” Lars prompted her. It never took her long to come up with something and she appeared agitated. That couldn’t bode well for his future.
“Dammit. All this time I’ve waited for this chance and I’ve got nothing except you’re at an impasse. A crossroads in life. I already knew that! Please promise me you’ll let me try again.”
Lars smiled at her and shrugged his shoulders. He wasn’t surprised by her response given what was going on in his life. His future didn’t depend solely on his own decisions. Catherine pressed her lips together and frowned at him as he knew she would. He took a great deal of pleasure in bugging her and he couldn’t pass it up now.
“Years, I’ve waited years and what do I get. What I already know….” 

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Release Date: November 12th, 2012

Additional Story and Adult Excerpts available HERE


Susan W. said...

A new series for me!

Corinne Davies said...

I hope you enjoy them Susan! :)