Monday, December 10, 2012

Hearing in Technicolor.

Random Voice: *knock knock* Psst, hey, Tymber.

Me: Go away.

RV: *knock-knock* Hey! Tymber!


RV: *knockknockknock* Tymber! *knockknockknock* Tymber! *knockknockknock* Tymber!

Me: WHAT??!!!??!!

RV: Hi.

Me: *frustrated sigh* Who the frak are you??

RV: I'm your next story.

Tony (from offstage): Go away! She's writing My story right now.

RV: Oh, don't you try that slashy-speak bullshit on me, Mr. Denim Dom!

Emery and Sean (from the Placida Pod series): Hi, Tymber--

Me, RV, and Tony: WHAT??!!??!!

Emery and Sean: (slowly backing away) Um, never mind. We'll wait our turn.

RV: Damn right you will!

Tony (now onstage in RV's face): What the hell right do you think you have barging in here, huh? I've been pretty damn patient the past couple of years, and now she's finally got her ass in gear and writing MY book!

Me: *heads to kitchen to find whatever booze and chocolate is on hand...*

And that's about what my average workday looks like. You wonder why writers are crazy? Because we have ongoing arguments and conversations with the voices in our heads.

The problem is, they tend to talk back to us.

* * * *

My latest release is "Out of Bight, Out of Mind," the fourth installment in my Deep Space Mission Corps series. (And yes, the more in the menage, the more voices come to "play" with my brain...and my sanity.)

Tony, RV, et al: WHAT sanity?

(They have a point.)

Anyway, the voices do tend to sometimes have pretty good ideas. You can find my latest release at Siren-BookStrand at:

The correct reading order for the series is:

1) Love at First Bight
2) Bightmares
3) Spider Bight
4) Out of Bight, Out of Mind

Also, the first book in my Bleacke Shifter series, "Bleacke's Geek," is available on my website, Kindle, Nook, AllRomanceEbooks, Smashwords, and Kobo. You can find all the links HERE.

I have a chat list now, too!

And you can find me on the web at:


RoseRaven said...

Your voices crack me up.

Chris Walker said...

HAHA Tymber!!! I love your voices :)
Chris Noone

desitheblonde said...

that sound great and then i like te cartoon two

Carin said...

the cartoon is totally me LOL!

Tymber Dalton said...

LOL Thanks, everyone. :) Yes, it's sometimes pretty scary in my brain when more than one set of characters starts to duke it out for their turn to get written. LOL