Monday, December 17, 2012

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a free FUC book

lol, and yes, that was meant to sound dirtier than it is. From December 17th to December 18th, 2012 ONLY, Croc and the Fox is free at

You can stop rubbing your eyes and pick yourself up off the floor, lol, because yes, you read that right.  Croc and the Fox  is free for a very limited time at ONLY.

Need a funny fix? Want to see why everyone want's to be (or do) a F.U.C. agent, then click on over and download your free ecopy today.

I do hope you enjoy it and that it makes you snort out loud. I'd also like to say,


May all the books you buy be filled with laughter and that HEA that makes you sigh happily, then hunt down the one you love for some down and dirty lovin'

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