Monday, January 7, 2013

Historically Speaking...

I recently had a fellow author give me a piece of praise that really floored me some.  She commented that I was one of the few authors she'd read who mixed History into their pieces very well.

I was really touched by her words.

See, I was a college dropout.  As a fresh-faced, young woman, I worked on my degree in History Education.  At the end of my sophomore year, I quit school - temporarily - to get married. Two months later, I was pregnant and the real world suddenly fell into my lap.  I gave up my dreamof being a History teacher.

I've found a way to share my love of History in my menages.  My Berserkers are immortal shape shifters from the Viking age.  I adored researching Dark Ages Norway and Norse gods as I wrote those stories.  We see glimmers of their past prior to seeing their present.

And then, of course, my Knights Templar menages give a piece of European history as well.  Going back into the 1300's has been fun for me, too.

Then, there are my ghost stories.  Yes, I know currently I only have one published, but I just finished another and I think this one's a doozy.  I have more ghost stories coming, as well.  Just need to find the time!

Until that author said something to me, I hadn't realized how much History really was in my books.  Funny thing is -- I've always said I wanted to write more Historical novels once I could write full-time -- when I thought I would have more time to really research properly.  And here, I've been writing Historicals all the while.

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