Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Prince Has Come...

*Caution: Things are about to get cheesy. You might want to grab some crackers and a glass of wine before proceeding.*

Ah good, you’re back. I hope you have plenty of sustenance to go with my mushy, sappy musings. I have a feeling you might need it before I’m done. If not, you can always share your goodies with me. Sharing is good, you know. Oh! Of course you know. We are at When One Is Not Enough after all.

Now why am I going to turn into a pumpkin like Cinderella’s carriage? Oops, that was supposed to be, Why am I going to turn into a giant cheese ball? Well, that’s easy. My recent trip to Walt Disney World re-awakened my sentimental side. Fairy-tale romances tend to do that to me. And goodness knows that I saw lots of princes and princesses who were head-over-heels in love…and heard lots of romantic music that made me nearly swoon. Yes, I really am that bad about love and romance and all that gooey stuff. Just ask my friends and family. They’ll fill you in on the juicy details.

Wait. Scratch that. I don’t want you and my loved ones having a gossip session about me. That has disaster written all over it. Seriously, their revelations would ruin my reputation as calm, cool, and collected. I couldn’t bear that. I have to keep up appearances. Otherwise, people would realize just what a dork I am.

Crap, I’m getting off track. Sorry about that. So…now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

While I was at Disney, I found myself remembering why I write racy and risqué fairy-tales for grownups. I love love. Whether it is a romantic relationship between a man and a woman, two men, two women, or multiple partners, I adore the thought of love. The splendorous perfection of what people in love feel. The tender touches that pass between them. A soft kiss they share. Whispered words only they can hear. All of the magnificent facets of intimacy create this warmth that starts in my soul and spreads through my body and mind. Yes, my heart sings, my head spins, and sometimes I even sigh. Okay, I have been known to, “Ahhh,” too.

(See. I told you I was a cheese ball.)

My fascination with love led me to writing romance, especially ménages. How could I not want to tell stories about more than two people falling in love? How would I not enjoy sharing tales where lovers must defy everything and everyone to be together? Society be damned. Their love is the be all, end all. And it always triumphs. That kind of earth-shattering, life-altering love is what interests me. Those flawless feelings are what I want to experience when I write. Lucky for me, I do.

In fact, I’ve often teased my husband about how I fall in love every time I pick up a pen or open my laptop to work on my current book. Each story is like being a teenage girl in the throes of her first love all over again. Thank goodness, he’s indulgent about my wandering heart. LOL. Not that he has to worry. He was my first love at seventeen. He’s my only love at twenty-nine. And his love, it enables me to write what I do. His love inspires me and drives me because I want everyone to feel what I feel every day with him. He is my very own Prince.

If only there were two of him…that would be my kind of fairy-tale.

Love and cherries,


Elyzabeth M. VaLey said...

<3 <3 That's all I can muster to write after your post <3 <3 I started writing romance because I'm in love with love,too. *Sigh* <3

Anonymous said...

First...calm, cool, and collected..LOL. Your love of love is inspiring. Don't ever stop. Your books are an escape I love :)

MiaAshlinn said...

<3 Elizabeth, we are very lucky to get to write about love. It's a beautiful job and someone has to do it. LOL. <3

Linda, what are you saying? You don't think that I'm calm, cool, and collected? :P

Anonymous said...

Love is a wonderful thing, Mia! <3 Be as sappy, cheesy and romantic as you want until Valentines Day, and then cut that crap out! ;)