Thursday, February 28, 2013

When Two Is Not Enough

I've been considering writing a foursome or moresome for some time now.  I'd love to explore the idea that two isn't enough for a heroine to feel completed, that she needed one more in her life and in her bed.

But it's a struggle to keep a trio in the romance category.  When the sexual escapades sometimes outshine the romance in the book, then it starts veering into the erotica zone even in a typical menage a trois.  Add in another lover and it seems to drag it even further to the edge of eroticaland.  Especially when you start thinking scenes where the heroine gets all her holes filled!

Can it be done?  Absolutely.  There are authors who've pulled off a menage an more and done a great job of it.

But, it has to be THE right story.  It has to be THE right characters.  It has to be THE right premise.  If not, it's basically well-written porn.

I've played with a few plots, but nothing has really hit me yet as being the IT story.  Until it does, I plan to stay out of the menage a quatro arena.  But maybe one day, inspiration will hit.

Here as of late, I've been writing a lot more MF stories for some reason.  Talk about a 180.  Perhaps it's my mind trying to prepare for something bigger on the manage landscape.  Who knows?  But I tend to follow my muse wherever it leads.

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