Friday, March 15, 2013

A Luscious Tease...

I'm b-ack, baby!

As some of you may know, I've been holed up in a cabin overlooking Wears Valley for a week working on the first Love in Luscious, Kansas book. Actually, if you want to get technical, today is my first full day back in the land of the Internet connection. Woohoo!

In honor of my return, I thought I would post an unedited snippet of what I've been doing while I was away. So here it is...a sneak peek into Luscious Beginnings.

Love and cherries,

p.s. Check back here next Friday, March 22nd. I'll finally be unzipping my lips and spilling some juicy secrets about the tiny bohemian town known as Luscious, Kansas.


Ten minutes later, Sam guided his car into the parking lot outside of Tate’s apartment building then pulled into an open spot and switched off the ignition. He felt even more optimistic than he had just a little bit ago. Yes, he’d turned on the wrong eccentrically-named road and gotten lost, but he still felt lighter than he had in ages. Of course, he figured it was hard to be too uptight in a town like Luscious. Shit, the Summer of Love-esque places would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Speaking of smiles, a grin crept into Sam's cheeks when he spotted Tate Dawson sauntering toward him. His friend Ella's younger brother was cocky as hell. And Sam liked that about him. Tate’s personality had drawn Sam in when they met for the first time, and they’d immediately hit it off. Since then, they'd spent a lot of time together in Her Majesty’s Pleasure where Sam used to tend bar. And they’d taken to talking on the phone at least once or twice a week after Sam had left Serenity. Now Sam was grateful they had gotten to know each other. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so keen on moving in with Tate, even for a brief period of time. Hopefully a very, very short period of time.

A knock on the car window had Sam’s grin widening. He turned and grabbed the door handle. Then he slung the door open and launched himself out of the car. As he shut the door behind him, Tate drawled, "Well hi there, good looking. I heard some sweet thing had driven his sexy ass into our weird little town, but I had no clue how bangable he would be." He raked his laughing eyes up and down Sam's body. "I would totally do you. Often."

Sam chuckled. "So you keep telling me."

Winking brashly, Tate replied, "I would fuck you, Sam-I-Am. I would fuck you in a hall. And I would fuck you against the wall. I would fuck you in your car. And I would fuck you beneath the stars. I would fuck you in the tub. And I would fuck you in a club. I would fuck you here and there. I would fuck you pretty much anywhere.”

Sam couldn’t help himself. He burst out laughing at Tate’s twisted perversion of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. That was typical Tate—wicked, fun, and outrageously flirty. God, he’d missed being around someone who wasn’t so fucking serious. Cough. Rafaello Speranza. Cough. Sam had missed moments like this, where he didn’t have to think about anything or anyone. He could just live. Luscious is looking better and better.

Sam wiggled his eyebrows. “Oh buddy, you couldn’t handle me.”

“Want to find out?” Tate quipped without hesitation. “If so, I have a room upstairs. But we’ll have to hurry. My new roommate will be here any minute.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “I don’t do quickies. Sorry.”

“You’re missing out,” Tate replied. “Fast and furious is fucking hot.”

“So is soft and slow. But I bet you don’t know how to do that,” Sam teased.

Tate’s eyes took on a sinister glow that amused Sam, who smiled. “Oh no, you didn’t go there,” his friend countered as he tapped his chin with his thick index finger. “Now I have to retaliate.” A contemplative expression settled on Tate’s features before a smirk lightened his handsome face. “I might not know how to fuck soft and slow. But you don’t know how to bang a boy.”

Sam bit the inside of his cheek to keep from howling with laughter. Most guys might be insulted, but he wasn’t. If he and Tate weren’t friends, they wouldn’t be like this. So Sam was more than happy to suck it up. Besides, he loved to give it as good as he got it. “It can’t be that much different than... Not that you would know, of course.”

Tate gave Sam a high-five. “Ooh. That’s a good one.” Merriment danced in his friend’s eyes. “I guess that means you win—this round.” His lips twitched. “Now let’s get you inside. Our first time should be in a bed, not on a car in a parking lot for all to see. Well, unless that trips your trigger. In that case, we can negotiate…”

Oh my God. Sam just shook his head. “Let me get my stuff.” After popping his car trunk, Sam removed his duffel bag and suitcase then followed Tate through the front door of the building. Up the stairs, to the left, and down the hall, they went. Before long, they were in front of D4 and Tate was letting them into the apartment.

“Welcome home, honey,” Tate drawled silkily as he threw open the door.

“I—” Sam started to say something sarcastic. He just didn’t know what yet. But when he stepped one foot across the threshold and saw the woman lounging on the couch, he stopped short. Aly Bartlett. “Fuck,” he growled, his expletive flying through the room faster than a speeding bullet.

He’d been found.


Susan W. said...

OMG! I'm not going to be able to read Dr. Seuss the same way again! LOL!! Love the excerpt!

Rorotach said...

That was great Mia. I agree with Susan, from now on when I hear that Dr Seuss I will think of you and what you wrote. Sitting at a desk in customer service LMOA and having everyone stare at me. Cannot wait for this book.

Lisa Carlton said...

OMG I spit out my pop reading that and laughed to kill myself....perverted green eggs and ham it ...can't wait for this book

Cherie Clark said...

Welcome home Mia I have missed you. That was a great look into Sams world thank you soooo much, I ma sure I will love His book as much as I loved Sarah's. Looking forward to next Friday. Hugs Cherie

Anonymous said...

LMAO, I just read Green Eggs and Ham last night to my 3yr old! I like Tate's version better, and I would let him do all of the above already! I missed you Miss Mia!

MiaAshlinn said...

Thank you all! I'm so glad to hear that you all enjoyed Tate's perversion of "Green Eggs and Ham." I must admit that I was a bit nervous that people might find it...too perverted - if there is a such thing. LOL. But Tate is Tate, and there's no stopping him when he gets going. Needless to say, I'm so excited about writing his book (later). :)