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A new look and new story for a little menage a wolf!

One of my publishers, Total-E-Bound has redone my book covers for my Luecross Wolf series. First I have to say I LOVE them! I'd like to share them with you and announce that the fifth book, Savage (MFM) will be released in July. These stories center around a shape-shifting pack of wolves. I'd also like to share a few snippets of the stories. They are all menage a trois and pack a lot of heat ;-)

*The snippets are adult rated...Reader beware :)

Book one in the Luecross Wolves Series (MFM)

Two shape-shifting brothers plus the one woman they both want, equals one night of erotic magic.

Alice has a deep, dark secret. When she agrees to stay the weekend with her friend Halle, Alice has no idea what the night really has in store for her. She is instantly drawn to Killian, but what she doesn’t know is that he has a dark secret of his own, a secret that will forever change their lives.

 They all stood in a semicircle, the thick evergreens and blue spruces lending shade as well as protection from the outside world. Two alphas stepped forward, emitting their strength, power and dominance. Both males stood in their human forms, masculinity pouring off them in waves. The others sat on their haunches, their natural form that of the Luecross wolf. They were an ancient race, a society of shape-shifting creatures that, at will, could morph into humans or wolves. Humans saw them as a myth, as nothing more than creatures in horror movies. Werewolves they had been called, but they were so much more than that. They lent strength and power to each other, gave encouragement and knowledge.

Their hearts were untamed, but their souls were free. Always searching for their mate, they would do everything in their power to find that one being that would make them whole, that would complete them in a way that was unimaginable to mere mortals. For without that one person, they would forever be lost, submitting to their animal nature and letting the wildness consume them.

The two alpha males scanned their surroundings, knowing the time to find their mate had come. The Luecross knew there was nothing more important than finding that one person that could connect them in a way no other could. The alphas needed their mate, needed to find the female that could bring them together and further the line of their great species. She would be the one woman they loved, protected and cherished. She was the reason they were still here, forever searching for her until they finally possessed her and showed her pleasure the likes of which she had never experienced. Once they found her, they would never let her go.

Book two in the Luecross Wolves Series (MMF)

What is a woman to do when two gorgeous shape-shifting men want to have a ménage a trois?
Scarlett has always had feelings for her two best friends, Issac and Lukas. The only problem is, the two men are in a relationship together. What Scarlett doesn’t know is that her two friends have secrets of their own, deep and dark secrets that include her. She must decide to jump in with both feet and accept what they are offering, or turn her back on the two men she has always loved.

I looked at myself in the mirror, smoothing my hands down the black corset and impossibly short red skirt I wore. My breasts were pushed up high from the tightly laced corset, the mounds looking ready to pop right out with every inhale I made.

I opted out of the stockings, preferring to feel the chill October air brush along my bare skin—it made me feel alive. I grabbed the white lace mini-apron off my vanity and tied it around my waist. I don’t know why I bothered wearing it since it was just a scrap of material, but I wanted to look innocent for tonight.

I walked over to the bed and grabbed the red velvet hooded cape, pulling the thick fabric over my shoulders and tying it around my neck. I sat on the edge of the bed and slipped on my stilettos, the heels adding a good three inches to my meagre five foot three. I looked at the finished product in the mirror and smiled.

My dark brown hair bounced with spiral curls and made me look younger than twenty-five. On a normal day my hair was poker straight, but tonight I’d curled it to achieve the whole, “I’m innocent and don’t want the big bad wolf to get me” look. I picked up some lip gloss and lathered it on my lips, fixed the black bow on the corset and headed downstairs.

I opened the front door and tested the air, letting the light breeze waft over me. I decided not wear a jacket, the velvet cloak long and thick enough to keep me warm. Besides, a coat would have ruined the whole costume. I could hear my phone vibrating on the kitchen table and shut the door and quickly ran—well, as best I could in my stilettos—into the kitchen.

My heels clacked on the hardwood and I snatched up my phone, checking the caller ID and grinning when I saw it was Isaac.

“Hey girlfriend,” I teased. Isaac’s gay—well, I guess the right term is bisexual—and he hates it when I talk all ‘girly’ to him, saying I shouldn’t stereotype people. Of course he’s right. He’s just so fun to tease though.

“You know how much I hate it when you talk like that.”

Book three in the Luecross Wolves Series (MMM)

A past that haunts, but a future that hold only the most carnal of pleasures.
Forest Haven is a picturesque vacation spot, but Alexander knows that the Luecross werewolves lurk just behind the thick tree line. What he doesn't know is that he is being hunted by his kind.

Alexander is a Luecross wolf and although he knows of his heritage, he was kept away from his kind by his adoptive parents. He has grown to fear what he is. Never has he shifted, fighting the temptation over and over again, fearing that if he gave into his basic urges he would end up hurting the people he loved.

Coming across two naked men in a clearing is a sight that brings wicked feelings to Alexander. Not only is he unsure about his emotions, he also realises the wolf that he has tried to suppress for so long is howling to be released.

When Merrick and Landon reveal who and what they really are, they also show Alexander what it means to truly let the beast out, teaching him what carnal pleasures can be unlocked if he just lets his inner wolf free.

Alexander Dumont wasn’t human, and he had known what he was from the very moment he could speak. His adoptive parents hadn’t been secretive about it, but although they were honest, they were zealots as well. Alex had been taken from his home, hidden amongst humans so he could never be found.

His adoptive parents had kidnapped him.

Granted, they thought they were doing the right thing, but the fact remained that all his life, Alexander knew he had been missing something.

He was a shifter, a wolf. He knew nothing of his heritage, only what his parents had deemed appropriate for him to know. He had heard the story of his “rescue” hundreds of times. Over the years, he had grown to wonder what his kind was really like. Margareta and Henry had taken him as a baby. Although Alex could feel something inside of him growing, becoming more powerful, he couldn’t chance it breaking free and harming someone he cared about. It had been what he was taught all his life—‘Keep the beast at bay’.

Not only had Margareta and Henry explained what he was, they also told him that shape shifters were feral, carnivorous beasts that preyed on the innocent. He was told if he ever let it free, it would not only take over his very soul, but hurt anyone who got in its way. There was no way Alex could chance that. His parents may have been fanatics, but they had also taken care of him and given him love. They were all he had ever known.

It wasn’t until they passed away last summer that he decided to find out who and what he really was. He just hoped this wasn’t all an enormous mistake.

Book four in the Luecross Wolves Series (MFM)

What is Ophelia to do when she comes into her mating heat and is irresistible to every male in her pack?

Ophelia realises she has just come into her mating heat and that she will not be able to resist the arousal that it causes. Being irresistible to every male in her tribe would be any girls dream come true, but when the two men she lusts after the most don't show an interest, Ophelia must decide if she can let her inhibitions go with the other males.

When Chase and Xavier offer to ease Ophelia's fierce arousal, she knows that although she may not be their mate, she can't pass up their offer. She spends a pleasure filled night with the men she has always dreamed about, but when Chase and Xavier announce they have found their mate, Ophelia knows she shouldn't have let her fantasy of being with them cloud reality.

Ophelia must now decide if she can finally let Chase and Xavier go and start her life with another male, or if the temptation to be with them again is too much to resist.


As soon as I awoke that morning, I knew I was in my mating heat. It wasn’t a slight feeling of impending doom, or even a joyous event which had everything else in my life taking second best. It’s a burden and a bother when you don’t have someone to share it with. I am part of an ancient species known as the Luecross. We make our home high in the mountains in the small town of Forest Haven, where we have a small community set up, the thick surrounding trees giving us the privacy we seek and the openness we crave.

Every Luecross wolf goes through the heat when their bodies are at their physical prime. It is also the time when a female is at her most fertile. This was my first mating heat, and I could already tell how horrendous it would be. My skin was so sensitive I could feel the very threads that made up the sheets I lay between. My breasts were swollen, my nipples tight and hard. My pussy throbbed and my clit tingled. I shifted my legs, moaning softly when fluid gushed out of my pussy and coated my labia. I was so ready to be taken, to be under a male and feel him pump inside me. I could think of nothing but having a big, hard cock thrust inside me over and over until I screamed to the heavens. I wanted to be used, to be sated.

My arousal was so intense, the very act of moving in bed had me wanting to thrust my fingers into my dripping hole and relieve the ache that had settled there. With all the strength I could muster, I got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. Every step jiggled my breasts in just the right way. The way my legs moved together seemed to pinch my pussy lips together until they were squeezing my clit mercilessly. It was hell, plain and simple. You would think for as many times as I’d seen it happen to my friends and family, I would have been prepared for how powerful it was. Well, I wasn’t.

I showered quickly, gritting my teeth with every second the water caressed my flesh. All it did was drive my arousal higher. Even if I got myself off, I knew it wouldn’t help. The end result might be a semi-satisfying orgasm, but the lust would slowly climb until it was worse than before. My only true relief would be intimacy with one of my own kind, feeling their hot semen fill me.


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