Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shh! It's a Luscious Secret...

Happy Friday, my dear readers. A promise is a promise. It's time for me to spill some secrets about the town behind my newest series, Love in Luscious, Kansas.

Well, hold on. I'm putting the cart before the horse. Let's back why I'm writing about this Kansas town in the first place. It all started when I had a certain character refer to an itty-bitty town she went to when she needed a safe haven. This character found this unnamed town very inspiring.

At this point in time, I'm scratching my head, going, "Huh? Luscious? What? Who? Where?" Of course, me being me, I thrust aside the idea of  delving deeper into the town and writing about it. Why? Because I didn't have enough information to go on...or characters to write about. And for me, that's a disaster waiting to happen. I'm not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. I have to analyze every minute detail of pretty much everything. Charts, diagrams, and documents are always a bonus. That's just how I am. It's in my nature.

But as per usual, my characters had a plan. And when they gang up on me, I'm S.O.L.

So what did the little heathens do? They kept throwing in comments and information about this town as I wrote books in both Serenity and Kinky. They'd give me just enough to string me along, enough to whet my appetite and leave my nosy bottom hanging.

Needless to say, I eventually caved. At first, I figured I could just name the town. That wouldn't hurt, right? Ha! If you know me at all, you know that naming something, whether it be a place or a person or anthing else, is like giving me a present and telling me I can't open it. I will do whatever it takes to get inside it. And come hell or high water, I will find out what is in there.

Now here's where things got a little crazy for me...

I had to create Luscious. But I was still in the dark about most of the town. So I got together with my personal assistant/beta, Tina, and we pieced together what we already knew from the books I'd written.

Right off the bat, we noticed that the people living in Luscious are...unique, for lack of a better word. They span a wide range of personalities, from hippies to naturalists to thespians, musicians, and artists. But still, we discovered they all had one common thread: They didn't fit in with what society expected of them. And I mean this beyond the whole menage relationship part.

These people are people who want - and often need - a place where they can be themselves and not be judged, just loved. They need a refuge. And Luscious is that for them.

I have to admit Luscious is my baby. Serenity is my heart and Kinky is all about my fantasies. Each of the towns are special to me in their own way. However, Luscious is the place I would want to live, if it truly existed.

Yeah, the people are sometimes strange cookies, albeit very adorable ones. And sure, I'm a meat eater, and I'm allergic to incense. And let's not get started on my horrible acting skills, the fact that I can't carry a tune to save my life, or how my form of art includes stick figures. That's the superficial mumbo-jumbo. But the thought of living in a place where I can be exactly who I want to be and say precisely what I want to say without someone giving me one of those looks or lecturing me about how I'm wrong or weird or whatever would be like a dream come true.

Actually, I've searched for a place like Luscious for the majority of my life. I've looked for accepting, loving people to surround myself with. But I haven't had much luck. Therefore, I created the place and people I've wanted to find in Luscious. With luck, maybe one day, I'll find a real-life Luscious. But until then, I'll have to settle for writing about my dream town. Like that's such a hardship...


* * * Three Secrets about Luscious * * *

1.  The town was founded in the second half of the 1800s by a madam named Luscious.
2. A majority of the townspeople have uncommon names. And I mean really uncommon.
3. So far, there are three major hangouts: The Book Nook, The Luscious Lady, and The Sun, Moon, and Stars Cafe (named after siblings with the same names).

p.s. I recently stumbled upon a song called Who's They by Daughtry. While I listened to it for the first time, I kept thinking about Luscious. So in my crazy mind, I consider it a kind of theme song for Love in Luscious, Kansas. If you're interested in listening to it, here's the link: Who's They by Daughtry on YouTube.


Lisa Carlton said...

Wow Mia....Luscious sounds like a place I would like to live myself...surronded with nothing but LOVE and ACCEPTANCE....aren't we all looking for a bit of that.....well this book will allow us to take the jouirney to Luscious with you...and I have no doubt I will enjoy the ride....can't wait to find out more about this amazing town and the people in it

Tina D said...

Hey Mia you would fit into the town seamlessly because you are a writer. We won't even go into the crazy part of your personality

Cherie Clark said...

So excited when you find a place like Luscious let me know I will come hang out. I love all your books. So excited to have you back.

Linda H. said...

Luscious does sound like a perfect place and I look forward to seeing it through your eyes.