Sunday, March 3, 2013

Summarizing A Story With One Line

I borrowed this post from my blog just because I thought some of you would find it fun, so excuse me if you've read it already.

A popular crime/thriller author,
J.A. Konrath, wrote an interesting blog about summarizing story lines in one brief, yet catchy, sentence (Click here to read about it). The post was great as he gave examples for several popular books as well as some of his own. I found it wildly entertaining, enough that I thought I'd try it with some of my titles. See if you can guess which is which. Or even better, come up with some of your own.

  • Jungle missions turns into threesome marriage with jaguars.

  • Oblivious human gets claimed by a pair of wolves.

  • When death comes knocking invite him to dinner.

  • Grumpy bear falls for perky rabbit.

  • Hellish daughter falls in love to spite evil father.

  • Cyborg kidnaps his nurse for sex.

  • Blue alien abducts earthling as his mate.

  • Alien pirate can't sell his barbarian.

  • Crazy witch meets annoying yet lovable demon.

  • Psycho brings a demon out of his funk.

  • A stripper, a genie and a shapeshifter meet in a bar.

  • Dominant bitch meets her match in a pair of geeks.

  • A Bonnie and Clyde romance in space with aliens.

  • Lizard gets a furry scarf.

  • Plot to make a guy jealous nets her two lovers.

  • Runs from one man only to end up with three.

 See what I mean about fun? lol. Now you try it.

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