Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm Coming...

Gotcha! I know what you're thinking. You thought I was coming as in coming. But nope, I'm talking about the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Kansas, City! Please commence with the squealing.

Now I'm not one of the cool kids who gets to be there all week. I'm actually only coming up for a few days. But still, I'm so flipping excited. And I'm more than a little nervous too.

Why am I nervous? Well, let me count the ways...

1. I'm painfully shy. Shocking, I know. But I'm a voyeur, not an exhibitionist. I would prefer to sit in the corner and watch and listen than participate.

2. I'm a reader. I have been my entire life. So some of these authors are my version of rock stars. And if Adam Levine or P!nk can leave my tonguetied, I have no doubt that Maya Banks and Lora Leigh can.

3. I have a tendency to open my mouth and insert my foot a lot. And gnawing on one's toes in public isn't my idea of a good time.

4. I'm a blusher. Boy, am I ever. Let me tell you, tomato red is not an attractive color for one's face, especially my pale one.

5. I'm a klutz. We're talking an I can't walk over a flat surface without tripping and going face first into something person. How wonderful would it be to be talking to someone and be so absorbed that I walk into the wall? Well, I will probably find out this weekend.

6. I'm a giggle-snort kind of girl. Yep, this is quite possibly the most mortifying one. I have a tendency to laugh so hard that I snort. And once I snort, the laughing get worse, which makes the snorting get worse. It's a vicious cycle that leaves me with aching sides and a blood red face.

But on the flip side, if I survive all that, I get to...

1. Meet readers who may or may not have read my books. For me, that makes the entire trip worthwhile - even if I end up tripping, blushing, giggle-snorting, and/or anything else I could do that would lead to lifelong embarrassment.

2. Meet authors I adore, some of whom I've been reading for years. And yes I do have a list of people I must see at the signing. I know, I know. I'm a dork. I'm an anal dork with color-coated spreadsheets, no less.

3. See my friends. I have a few people in my life who I consider close friends. However, distance keeps us apart. And while phone calls help, getting together with them face-to-face is something I treasure.

4. Spend a little time with author-friends. Over the past year, I have developed friendships with some other authors. Seeing that we are most often locked away in our writing caves, it is exciting to get to hang out and chat with them in the real world where daylight does exist.

5. Relax! In between my panic attacks and fan-girl moments, I will have time to enjoy myself without having to sweat the small stuff.

6. Eat, drink, and be merry! My inner foodie is all about that. LOL.

So, I just have to ask. Is anyone else coming? And if so, what are you looking forward to the most? What worries you the most?

Love and cherries,

p.s. If you have a chance, come and find me. I'd love to meet you. I promise I'll be on my best behavior...Hopefully.


Lisa Carlton said...

Oh Mia ..we love you with all of your quirks....you can blush and gigglesnort all you want as long as you have an amazing time....I would be the same way if I had a chance to meet all you beautiful people....I get to talk to you on FB and in chat and love all of those times....but you are all like a fantasy to me(my fantasy friends lol) ...like the charcters in your books....being able to meet the real people behind the books that make me laugh, cry, scream and holler and turn me on and upside down at the same time would be amazing and I think I would have a lot of fan girl moments.....all of you in RP have made a big impact in my life....and there are some that know a lot about me and I call them friends...so have a great time take lots of pics and have a few drinks for us people who couldn't make it this year....here is to NOLA in 2014 I hope to be at that one to meet you all... Xoxoxo

Cherie Clark said...

Next year I will have your name high lighted as one of my must see people. I hope you have a blast and if you do have a few trips be sure to send me a postcard. Love ya.

Eve Langlais said...

OMG, I think we were twins separated at birth. All the things you suffer from, including the dreaded snort, I do too! lol. I hope you have fun. I get my first Romcon experience in June and am terrified. My biggest fear is I will spit on someone, by accident of course, because of my darned braces. Nothing says nice to meet you like a face full of saliva. Be sure to post about your experience when you get back. And have fun!!!!

MiaAshlinn said...

Lisa, thank you so much for your sweet comment. I too hope we get to meet next year in NOLA. It is always special to meet people that you have talked to so much. And I cannot tell you how much it means to know that I (along with the pervs, of course) have made any sort of impact on you. I want you to know that you have made an impact on me, too. <3

Cherie, you are totally on my must-meet list for next year at NOLA! We will have such fun and wreak havoc together. And we simply must get you an Icee! :P

Eve, I cannot imagine anyone cooler than you to be twins separated at birth with. Wow, that sounds like a story in the making. LOL. Seriously, I’m so happy to meet a kindred spirit who I can embarrass the crap out of myself and say, “Hey! You’ll never guess what I did...” And I’m sure you will be terrific at Romcon – whether or not you spit in someone’s face. ;)