Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm at RomCon! Holy Sh!!!!!

Scared witless or not, I'm off to meet some readers and authors. I'm even (gulp) expected to help host some events and speak. I hope I don't embarrass myself. When nervous, I talk too fast and giggle. Really giggle. And sweat. Oh gosh. I am so nervous.

But that's not what this post is about. Since not everyone who wanted to could make it to Romcon and get some of the swag I'm donating, I came up with another kind of treat.

A FREE EBOOK! (awesome eh?!)

For the duration of the conference, June 20th-23, the kindle version of Wickedest Witch will be free on Amazon. So, if you're feeling blue that you couldn't drop everything and come out for a girls weekend of romance and mayhem, then be sure to pick up my humorous and raunchy tale of an evil witch who can't help falling in love with a hot and sexy shifter.

Wickedest Witch_200x300

While you're fanning yourself and chortling at the antics of my characters, I'll be wearing my big girl panties, wiping my sweaty palms on a probably wrinkled outfit and giggling nervously as I try to speak English at a speed people can understand. LOLOL.
Wish me luck.
Eve :)

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