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Juicy Secrets and Luscious Beginnings

Happy Monday! Today is the big day! Luscious Beginnings is now available at Siren-Bookstrand. Luscious Beginnings is the first book in my newest series Love in Luscious, Kansas, which is set in a bohemian town where love knows no boundaries. Now, I know that I've been somewhat secretive about the town of Luscious. But since today is a huge celebration for me and the townspeople, I thought I would finally open up and share some juicy details. So here you go, all the major things you need to know about Luscious, Kansas - in only one blog....

Luscious, Kansas
Luscious Love Knows No Boundaries
Population: 3269


Places to Go in Luscious

Food and Beverages

The Grub Pub

The Kosher Counter, Delicatessen

The Luscious Lady, Bar

The Sun, Moon, and Star Cafe

Smoke and Fire Grill

Taste of Paris, French Bistro

Vintage Cuisine, Restaurant and Wine Bar


The Accessory Shack

Beethoven and Bachman, Music Instrument Specialty Shop

BiodiversiTEA, Organic Tea Shop

The Book Nook, Bookstore and Coffee House

The Catch All, General Store

Color Me Happy Art Supplies

Eartastic, Music Store

Green Tee, Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Shop

Mother Nature's Body Shop, All-Natural Shop Nurturing Your Inner Goddess

My Body, My Temple, A Vitamin and Herb House

Nature's Garden, Nursery and Garden Center

New Renaissance Art Gallery

Olfactory Emporium, Environmentally-Safe Scent Shop

Second Chance Love, Clothing Exchange

Stones, Baubles, and Beads, Hand-Crafted Jewelry Store

Toe Heaven, Shoe Store

Visions of the Past, Antique Boutique

Places To Stay in Luscious

The Luscious Sleep

Paisley House, Bed & Breakfast

The River Inn

Things to Do in Luscious

Inner Peace Wellness Center, Health Studio

The Ink Stamp, Tattoo Parlor

Luscious's Historical Center and Museum

Schroeder's Theater

People to See in Luscious

Medical Care

Dr. Devlin Grady, Holistic Medicine Specialist

Dr. Brady Parker, Psychologist

Rowena "Winnie" Sawyer, Midwife

Lucinda "Lucie" Sawyer, Travelling Doula

City/County Owned Locations


Fire Department

Public Library

Police Department

Post Office

Unity County Schools (based in Trinity, KS)

Songs That Best Represents Luscious

People Who Live in Luscious

Benjamin Black
Brett Monroe
Cherish Kirkwood
Dean Livingston
Donna Dawson
Dr. Brady Parker
Dr. Devlin Grady
Z. Drake Erickson
Z. Derek Erickson
Eden Thompson
Emberly “Ember” Lawson
Ethan Bartlett
Harper Sunshine Kelley
Haven Moon Kelley
Hayden Frasier
Hunter Olsen
India Thompson
Jagger Blue Star Kelley
Jaxon Allyn
Jeanie (“Just Jeanie like Cher”)
Jeremiah “Miah” Carrington
Lennon (“Lennon No-Last-Name”)
Lucas Schroeder
Lucinda “Lucie” Sawyer
Lyric Michaels
Quinn Rainey
Rowena “Winnie” Sawyer
Ryan “Thom” Carrington
Rylan Hodge
Sam Carrington
Tate Dawson
Tobias “Tobi” Callahan

I hope you enjoyed your short trip to Luscious from the comfort of your own home. Maybe one day, you'll get to go with me and see the real thing in person. You never know. Stranger things have happened...

Love and cherries,

Luscious Beginnings
Love in Luscious, Kansas
Book 1


Sometimes what a person wants most has been standing in front of them all along.

Four months ago, an eye-opening discovery drove Sam Carrington away from his best friends, Brett Monroe and Ethan Bartlett. Now he’s beginning his new life in Luscious, Kansas. But still, he longs for the men he loves.

Brett and Ethan were shattered when Sam vanished. Every day since his disappearance has been devoted to finding him. However, their search is in vain because two of Sam’s powerful friends made sure he was impossible to find.

After Sam is stabbed while protecting a friend, he shuts everyone around him out. Concerned for his emotional well-being, one of his protectors turns to Brett and Ethan for help. Once the men know where Sam is, they’ll do whatever it takes to get him back. Only their journey won’t be easy. And the path they must take will lead them to either a luscious beginning or a heartbreaking end.

NOTE: Luscious Beginnings is truly just the beginning for Sam, Brett, and Ethan. After finding their HEA, a new dream will come along in the form of a woman named Athena in Their Luscious Dream(MMMF), to be published later this summer.

Story Excerpt

Wow. That was…surreal. Maybe this place is going to be my new beginning after all.

Ten minutes later, Sam guided his car into the parking lot outside of Tate’s apartment building then pulled into an open spot and switched off the ignition. He felt even more optimistic than he had just a little bit ago. His heart was lighter, his mood brighter. Yes, he’d turned on the wrong eccentrically named road and gotten lost, but he still felt more relaxed than he had in ages. Of course, he figured it was hard to be too uptight in a town like Luscious. Shit, the Summer of Love-esque places would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Speaking of smiles, a grin crept into Sam’s cheeks when he spotted Tate Dawson sauntering toward him. His friend Ella’s younger brother was cocky as hell. And Sam liked that about him. From the first time they’d met, Tate’s personality had drawn Sam in, and they’d immediately hit it off. Since then, they’d spent a lot of time together in Her Majesty’s Pleasure where Sam used to tend bar. And they’d taken to talking on the phone at least once or twice a week after Sam had left Serenity. Now Sam was grateful they’d gotten to know each other. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so keen on moving in together, even for a brief period of time.

A knock on the car window had Sam’s grin widening. He turned and grabbed the door handle then slung it open and launched himself out of the car. As Sam shut the door behind him, Tate drawled, “Well tickle my dicklestick. I heard some sweet thing had driven his sexy ass into our weird little town, but I had no clue how bangable he would be.” He raked his laughing eyes up and down Sam’s body. “I would totally do you.Often.”

Sam chuckled. “So you keep telling me.”

Winking brashly, Tate replied, “I would fuck you, Sam-I-Am. I would fuck you in a hall. And I would fuck you against the wall. I would fuck you in your car. And I would fuck you beneath the stars. I would fuck you in the tub. And I would fuck you in a club. I would fuck you here and there. I would fuck you pretty much anywhere.”

Sam couldn’t help himself. A laugh burst from his lips at Tate’s twisted perversion of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. That was typical Tate—wicked, fun, and outrageously flirty. God, he’d missed being around someone who wasn’t so fucking serious. Cough. Rafaello Speranza. Cough. Sam had missed moments like this, where he didn’t have to think about anything or anyone. He could just live. Yep, Luscious is looking better and better.

Feeling playful, Sam returned Tate’s banter with a wiggle of his eyebrows. “Oh, buddy, you couldn’t handle a man like me.”

“Want to find out?” Tate quipped without hesitation. “If so, I have a room upstairs. But we’ll have to hurry. My new roommate will be here any minute.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “I don’t do quickies. Sorry.”

“You’re missing out,” Tate replied. “Fast and furious is fucking hot.”

“So is soft and slow. But I bet you don’t know how to do that,” Sam teased.

Even in the dim light, Sam could see Tate’s eyes take on a sinister glow. He knew he should be worried. But he wasn’t. Quite the opposite. He was amused, and he couldn’t stop the chuckle escaping the back of his throat.

“Oh no, you didn’t go there,” his friend countered as he tapped his chin with his thick index finger. “Now I have to retaliate.” A contemplative expression settled on Tate’s features before a smirk lightened his handsome face. “I might not know how to fuck soft and slow. But you don’t know how to bang a dude.”

Sam bit the inside of his cheek to keep from howling with laughter. Most guys would be insulted. But he wasn’t, not in the least. If he and Tate weren’t friends, they wouldn’t be joshing around with each other. So Sam was more than happy to play along. Besides, he loved to give it as good as he got it. “It can’t be that much different than…” Sam let the innuendo hang in the air before taking his final punch. “Not that you would know, of course.”

Tate gave Sam a high-five. “Ooh. That’s a good one.” Merriment danced in his friend’s eyes. “I guess that means you win—this round.” His lips twitched. “Now let’s get you inside. Our first time should be in a bed, not on a car in a parking lot for all to see. Well, unless that trips your trigger. In that case, we can negotiate…”

Oh my God. Sam just shook his head indulgently. “Let me get my stuff.” After opening his Range Rover’s rear hatch, Sam removed his duffel bag and suitcase then closed the gate once again. He followed Tate through the front door of the building. Up the stairs, to the left, and down the hall they went. Before long, they were in front of D4 and Tate was letting them into the apartment.

“Welcome home, honey,” Tate drawled. His voice was silky, smooth as a fine wine, as he threw open the door.

“I—” Sam started to say something sarcastic. But when he stepped one foot across the threshold and saw the woman lounging on the couch, he stopped short. Aly Bartlett. “Fuck,” he growled, his expletive flying through the room faster than a speeding bullet.

He’d been found.
Adult Excerpt

“Fuck.” Brett slapped his hands onto the mattress on either side of him. He fisted the comforter, his back arching off the bed. “Sam…”

Sam shook his head but didn’t release Brett from his mouth. He held still, his sensual lips encircling the base of Brett’s cock, his sweltering mouth enveloping the entire shaft. Despite the rapturous feeling of having his cock halfway down Sam’s throat, and in spite of the warmth cocooning his shaft, Brett didn’t want Sam to choke. And inevitably, he would if they stayed like this.

“Pull back,” Brett growled.

Sam did. He pulled back. But before Brett could catch his breath, Sam started to move, fucking Brett with his mouth, as he lowered himself to the bed. As soon as he seemed satisfied with his position, he raised his gaze to Brett’s once again. Their eyes met, and they exchanged looks. Some were loving. Some were lusty. And some of them were love and lust laced together. Those were Brett’s favorites.

While Sam sucked Brett’s cock, Ethan shifted to his knees. He moved forward, just enough to reach Sam’s waistband. He grasped each side of the thick fabric and started to tug. Sam shimmied his hips at all the right times then lifted up when Ethan ordered him to.

Soon, Brett saw Ethan discard Sam’s pants altogether. Then Ethan swung one of his legs over Sam’s legs and straddled them. “I love this ass,” he declared, his announcement as honest as it was succinct. He swooped his head down before kissing first one cheek then the other. “I can’t wait to fuck it.”

Brett groaned. God, he loved when Ethan talked dirty.

Sam lifted his ass off the bed wantonly, wiggling his hips close to Ethan’s face, but he continued to impale himself with Brett’s cock. Invade, retreat. Invade, retreat. Brett shook. He felt powerless, utterly out of control as raw lust flared inside him, scorching him, leaving him writhing and moaning in unparalleled pleasure. Like a drugged man in need of a fix, Brett’s eyes fell to Sam. He couldn’t help but stare as his shaft, from base to tip, disappeared into the hot cavern that was Sam’s mouth then reappeared a millisecond later. Watching his man suck his dick was sensual—the way his languid eyes drifted closed then reopened as though he were under a spell, how his cheeks were rosy with exertion, and how he inhaled and exhaled through his nose in quick, sharp breaths. It was all unbelievably erotic.

“Stop that,” Ethan growled.

Brett’s eyes snapped over to Ethan just as he brought his hand down onto the flesh of Sam’s ass. A loud thwack immediately followed behind.

Pulling back in a hurry, Sam freed Brett’s cock. “What did I do?” he asked, sounding innocent yet devilish at the same time.

“You won’t stop shaking your ass in my face.” Brett suspected Ethan was going for a firm tone, but he failed. 
He sounded amused. “A man can’t think when something that succulent is inches from his mouth.”

“Why are you thinking?” Sam turned his head away from Brett and peered over his left shoulder at Ethan. 
“Better yet, what are you thinking?”

Ethan’s face blushed a ruddy color that somehow looked sexy. “I was thinking about how snug your virgin ass is going to be, how it’s going to wrap around my dick and squeeze tight. And I was thinking about stretching your sweet hole, how good it’ll feel, how much you’re going to love me fucking you, and how loud you’re going to be when you beg for more.”

A groan erupted from Sam. “Oh God.”

Grinning wickedly, Ethan said, “I was imagining what it would feel like to press your body facedown to this bed then crawl on top of you, open your ass, and plunge inside. I was thinking about pounding into you while our favorite voyeur watched. And I was thinking about tying you up, binding you, and leaving you at our mercy.” He leaned forward, slowly slithering along Sam’s spine. “I was fantasizing about spanking you, turning your ass the sexiest shade of red.” He rained kisses up Sam’s back. “Hell, I was even considering what you would do if I took your ass now rather than being a gentleman and waiting.”

While Ethan talked, Brett grasped his cock and started stroking again, his glides steady and sure. The moisture Sam’s mouth had left behind was better than lube. And Brett’s hand moved easily over his shaft.
Sam winked up at Brett, and Brett knew trouble was heading their way. “Since when have you ever been a gentleman, angel boy? And what makes you think I’m some innocent who can’t handle a good pounding?” He grinned, a grin that made Brett squirm. “Trust me when I tell you that I can handle it. The question is, ‘Can you?’”


Lisa Carlton said...

Love up close and personal tour of not only of Luscious but of how you put it all together....fantastic

Susan W. said...

Can't wait to visit Luscious, Ks.

Cherie Clark said...

I am packing a bag in preparation just give me a few days to plan my robbery and I will be a plane to go to Luscious with you. xoxo

MiaAshlinn said...

Lisa, you know how I am. I'm so darn anal about this stuff. Keep in mind, this is just the beginning. With each book I'll add stuff! LOL. :)

Susan, I can't wait for you to visit, too. I hope you have a blast! :)

Bring it on, Cherie! But if you're going to plan and perform a robbery, make sure you have a rock solid alibi. Just saying. ;)