Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is Ménage Fever Contagious?

Ménage Fever? Contagious? God, I hope so.

Now normally, I wouldn’t want anyone to catch anything—well, other than a UT Receiver playing football at Neyland Stadium. Now those boys better catch something or they'll deal with my wrath. (Cue the maniacal laughter.) Otherwise, I'm more of a Don't sneeze on me, and I won't sneeze on you kind of girl. But recently, I discovered a few authors who I wish would catch The Fever.

Why? Well, it's simple. I have found a couple of new authors (who like Voldemort, shall go unnamed) to read. These particular writers are like crack. I finish one book and dive straight into the next. Keep in mind, I'm busy writing all day. So in order to read these books, I'm up half the night. Let me tell you, staying up is a feat for me. I'm not one of those blessed few who can exist on a few hours. Nope, I need a solid six to eight. Or I'm about as much fun as Eeyore on a whiny day and Cruella Deville on a bitchy one.

Okay, okay. I'm probably exaggerating a little. (snorts) Ha! When don't I exaggerate? Um, never. But you get the picture. Right?


So... These highly addicting authors write MF stories. Only MF stories. And while I love MF, I'm all about ménages. Shocking, I know. Um, yeah right. But anyway, I would give my last lick of ice cream for them to write a ménage. Of course, they don't and from what I've heard, they don't have any plans to either. Darn it.

Still though, I'm hopeful. I'm hopeful that they will get bitten by the Ménage Bug or catch the Ménage Fever. Then they wouldn't be able to control themselves, and they would have to write ménages. Dude, that makes me sound like a psycho. I'm not. I promise. There's a method to my madness. At least, that's what I tell people.

See, I'm a big believer in Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun. As a believer, I have no doubt that these authors would write the ménages of a lifetime. They would change the world with their ménage-sque stories. I just know it. I mean, really... Damn, I'm doing the exaggerating bit—again.

Feel free to spank me. Maybe then, I'll stop being all dramatic and stuff. Yeah, okay. And maybe hot, naked men will rain down around all of us. Mmmhmm. That'll be the day. (A good day, indeed)

Anyway, the authors that I'm speaking of already write heroes that are infinitely lovable. And by God, these men are hot enough to reach out of the pages and scorch a chick. But two of these kind of men? (Please excuse the shudders wracking my body) I don't know how I would survive. Although, I would be oh-so-very happy to try. That way if I died in Yummy Man Heaven, I would leave this world hot, bothered, and smiling broadly. Oh yes, I would.

Beyond lovability and hotness of the heroes, I'm not too picky. Hell, I'm downright easy. (Don't even think about saying it, you naughty readers. I already know. I'm easy in more ways than one.) Though, in this case, I'm talking about genres and pairings. These authors' ménages could be contemporary, paranormal, historical, sci-fi, or pretty much anything else. Still, I would be all over them like a sugar addict on ice cream. (Hmm. With all this talk of ice cream, I'm beginning to think I'm the sugar addict in need of the fix)

As far as who's doing who and what they're doing to each other, I'm up for it all. I could take MMF (Oh yeah, you knew I would go there first), MFM, MMMF, MFMM, and so on and so on and so on.... I'm just that easy.

Now how about you? Are you easy (or are you hard)? And if you're easy, is there someone you want to catch Ménage Fever? Who? What? When? Where? And why? Wow...I'm starting to sound like The Inquisition. I guess that means I should blow this popsicle stand before I get too nosy and find out something I really don't want to know. Dum-dum-dum. Besides, I have a gallon of Neopolitan ice cream with my name on it and a spoon that seriously needs to be licked.

Until next time...

Lots of love and loads of cherries,


Cherie Clark said...

I am easy too... I love Menage and I cannot wait for a few books that are releasing soon.

I hope you enjoyed your icecream :P

June M. said...

I think pretty much any story could be improved by adding another sexy hero (or two or three) to it. And I definitely like the M/M lovin' in menages ;-P

MiaAshlinn said...

Thank you, Cherie! I did. It was awesome. :)

June, I am all about the more, the merrier. :)