Monday, July 15, 2013

My Big Blurb Reveal

As some of you may know, I'm in the midst of edits for Their Luscious Dream. Because of the tight deadline, I've been living the life of a recluse in my Den of Decadence (yes, I lovingly named my office that). Let's put it this way, I've spent so much time in the DOD that I swear the four walls have revolted and begun to close in on me. Not that the possibility of being smushed is deterring me a bit. No, spending time with these four characters and their story makes any risk worthwhile. But I must admit that I'm dying to share a little something-something with you all. So guess what. I'm going to. Today, I'm finally going to reveal the blurb for Their Luscious Dream, the second book in the Love in Luscious, Kansas series. I hope you love it!


Their Luscious Dream
(Love in Luscious, Kansas Book 2)
Available: August 12, 2013


Athena Xanthopoulos is on a mission. She’s moved to Luscious, Kansas to reconnect with the parents she doesn’t remember and meet the siblings she’d only dreamed of having. But she didn’t count on finding men like Sam Carrington, Ethan Bartlett, and Brett Monroe.

Sam, Ethan, and Brett love each other, and they’re committed to their marriage. Yet still, they dream of a family that includes a wife and children. Only they believe their dream is just that—a dream.

Then Athena walks in.

Now the men who’d felt their dream was out of reach see babies in the mysterious blonde’s eyes. And the woman who’s lived life as an outsider yearns to belong.

But Athena’s conservative childhood tells her what she craves is wrong. Can the men convince her sharing isn’t wrong but oh-so-deliciously right? Or will she hold onto what she knows, dashing the men’s dreams and dooming herself to a lifetime without the men she’s grown to love?


RoseRaven said...

OH my, So can't wait for this.

Lisa Carlton said...

OMG I can't wait for this book as much as I love the three men ....I want them to have their dream of a wife and babies....this book will make that all come true ...and I can't wait to read their adventure on finding true love as a foursome.....can we have it release sooner lol ....;)