Friday, August 23, 2013

Authors in Bed Together!

I'm super fond of some of my author friends, like really, really love them, so much so that I'm happy to get into bed with them!

No, not literally, I mean into their heads. Take the lovely Lucy Felthouse for example. Lucy and I have been great buddies for a few years now. Chatting regularly, beta reading each other's work and getting together for jaunts to Bristol and London whenever we can, not to mention being ladies-who-lunch at any given opportunity!

Earlier in the year Lucy and I put our writer's heads together, in bed, and came up with a Taboo novel called Grand Slam, just out at Ellora's Cave. 

Perhaps this is not a traditional menage because there is just one hero and one heroine in our story, but for me, as an author, there were a lot of people in that bedroom getting down and dirty. Four to be precise, by the time Lucy and I were both layering up the hot and dirty sex scenes it was getting pretty crowded and super intense.

It's interesting and fun writing with someone else, the key is to go with the flow, take is easy and not be too precious about the way you want a story to go. We found this worked perfectly for us, and Marie and Travis have an awesome, if at times tense, journey to satisfaction.

We've got so carried away in bed together that the Raw Talent Series has been created, read all about it on the Raw Talent website, and if you like trailers, here you go...

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Lily x

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