Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby BOOM!

I love babies. They’re cute and cuddly, and they smell so good. Okay, they smell good when their diaper isn’t full of, well, you know what or when they’ve spit up all over themselves and your favorite t-shirt. Now that’s a big, fat Ewww! That’s when they’re a baby bomb wrapped in a cute package. And that’s when you need nose plugs and some serious air freshener.

But, hey, it’s worth it, right? They have those tiny, little fingers you just have to count, those hands you are compelled to play with and adorable feet you simply must tickle. And they coo and make faces, making you Ooh and Aah and make those crazy baby babbling noises. Those things make their general stinkiness worthwhile. It makes their crying and midnight feedings bearable.

I have to admit that I often crave a baby. Yes, I already have a baby. But she is getting older. She’s becoming a lady. And while, her transformation is something that I treasure, I can’t help but think about having another one. I can’t stop myself from yearning for those midnight feedings, crying spells, and stink-a-licious diapers. I guess that makes me a bit of a baby masochist. Huh?

Of course, having a baby isn’t a decision I take lightly. So the jury is still out on whether or not I will take that journey once again. However, I am a writer. And what I want often bleeds into my work. That means there’s a baby BOOM coming to Kansas! 

The three ménage towns I pen (Serenity, Kinky, and Luscious) have at least one pregnant lady in them currently. And some towns have two or more. Did I mention that I have an entire list of babies that will be coming soon, including names and dates? Oh yes, I do. Let me tell you, there’s a couple of gals who may very well jump out of the pages and strangle me. But seriously, when you have two or three husbands, you are going to be doing lots of…things that can (and often do) lead to pregnancy—even if you’re very careful. After all, safe sex is essential but birth control is hardly foolproof. Trust me, I know. Working in an OB/GYN office is quite informative on the topics of safe sex and pregnancy. But that’s a whole different blog.

Now, you may be wondering why I would allow ménage families to have babies. After all, this is a controversial issue for some. But why wouldn’t I want these characters to have children? Why would I rob them of something so precious? Why would I leave one aspect of their life unfulfilled? I wouldn’t. I want them to be happy, to have everything they want. For most of them, that means a baby or two or hmm…maybe, ten? You never know. (Dum-dum-dum)

Sure, these people live unconventional lives. I get that. But, you know what? Unconventional doesn’t make them wrong. It doesn’t make them any less capable of taking care of a baby or raising a happy child. Honestly, in some ways, having three or four parents could be a good thing. 

Think about it…. 

There would be more people to feed the baby, to soothe them when they cry and to change those smelly, yucky diapers. There would be more people to run them from school to soccer practice or ballet class. And then, during those teen years, two (or more) daddies to protect them, to watch over them, and (if they're a girl) scare away those horny teen boys. 

I can just see it now... 

Two (or three) men chasing one poor boy, shotguns in hand, screaming, "No one is going to miss you, asshole!" Oh wait, my imagination is getting away from me as usual

But, best of all, more parents means more love. And in the end, that’s what is important to them and to me. In the end, that’s what I write about—love. That's what I'll continue to write about. If that means the pitter-patter of lots of little feet, then I say, "Bring on the baby BOOM!"

Love and cherries,


Susan W. said...

I love babies. When they're in a book! Give me the 4 legged kind in real life any day! LOL!

It'll be real interesting when these babies are old enough to day. Daddy's just might have to have a schedule for who gets to run the boy (or girl!) off! LOL!

June M. said...

I think 2 or more big, overprotective daddies will be able to keep those horny teen-aged boys away from their daughters, LOL. I tried to get my sister to send her daughters to a convent before they hit their teens but she wouldn't (although I still think that was a great idea considering how beautiful they are!) Maybe it's not to late, they are just 18 & 19 :)