Thursday, August 1, 2013

The gloves are off. The claws are out. The growling has begun. And the shirts are being stripped (revealing some pretty impressive set of abs). Get ready to fan yourself as 32 dominant males compete for the title of Ultimate Shifter.

In Eve Langlais' corner, at a delicious six foot something of hot jungle male, we have Acat from Jungle Freakn' Bride. When it comes to sexiness, pig headedness, blind following of tradition and general chauvinism, Acat definitely leads the pack. The good news though, is it only takes the love of a strong woman to tame this wild jaguar.

But is he hot enough to win the title?

Only you get to choose! Log on to to vote for the alpha you think deserve the title of Ultimate Shifter. And may the sexiest cat, um, I mean, most Alpha male win.

May the most alpha male prevail...

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