Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ellora's Cave for Men!

posted by Lily Harlem

Ellora's Cave for Men, yes you read that right, these are seriously steamy stories written from the male point of view and I can absolutely, completely promise you, guys lovvvve them - well Mr Harlem does anyway! There are already a few out there...

But now, and I would happy dance for an entire week with this lush cover, is the gorgeous Christie Butler's Private Viewing!

Nick Damon is desperately in love with his sexy Claire, a former lingerie model. Whenever they’re out, men gawk at her and flirt. Most men would be pissed, but not Nick. He loves it, is so aroused by it that it leads to mind-blowing sex. It’s become a game for them.

Living the dream life, Claire had no complaints. Used to being ogled and fantasized about, she loves how her husband always wants to show her off. Then Grayson Hill moved in next door. He’s hot and sexy and makes no secret of his desire for her.

It hasn’t escaped Nick’s notice that their new neighbor is hot for his wife. Suddenly he’s ready to change the rules of the game. Now to see how Claire reacts when she finds out Nick wants another man to do more than just look.

* * * * *

And now, without further ado, please welcome Christie Butler...

Many of the books I’ve written at Ellora’s Cave are ménages. To me, the ménage is the ultimate fantasy and makes for a really hot story.

My stories nearly always begin with an element of voyeurism, another fantastical premise that gets my juices flowing! I love the whole idea of a man getting turned on by watching his woman with another guy. Then, hey, why not join in?

My first two books, Look at Me and One Weekend Only, are written with the voyeurism/ménage theme. 

Check out my latest, Private Viewing, which tells the story of a man who gets hard when other men flirt with his supermodel wife. Enter hunky next door neighbor and the action really gets going!

Find out more about Christie on her blog and don't forget to check out Ellora's Cave for Men, a book from this saucy selection could make that perfect birthday present for your man!

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