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Shared and Shared Too

By Lily Harlem

Ménage a trois has been close to my heart from the very first novel I wrote and Shared still has a special place in my memories. So today I thought I'd share (pun intended) a steamy excerpt that features Ariane, Liam and Quinn on their first night together...

I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep feeling safe and satisfied. I wasn’t sure what time it was when I felt myself being gently kissed back to consciousness—down my neck, behind my ear, over my collarbone. There was no light in the room, it was thick blackness so I shut my eyes again and sighed.
I shifted my hips on the mattress as Liam’s hungry lips trailed down to my breast and then sucked on my nipple. He nipped it between his teeth and the small bite of erotic pain sent sparks flying to my clit. I groaned and murmured for more. He switched to the other breast as his hand took over tweaking and twirling the damp, erect nipple his mouth had just left. The bristles on his chin scratched my delicate flesh as he literally ate me up. I could feel my pussy swelling, humming, aching for attention once more. Liam was more urgent than earlier, more resolute in the way he was kissing me. There was a little roughness, wildness mixed in.
“Liam,” I murmured, reaching out and feeling hard, wide-boned shoulders.
“Mmm...” Liam said from the pillow next to me, his hand reached to cup my jaw and then he planted a gentle kiss on my lips.
“What...?” Confusion seared through my veins. I dragged myself upward. The kissing at my breasts stopped abruptly. “What is...?”
“Hey, it’s okay.” A hot, hard, freshly showered body loomed over mine.
“Quinn?” I asked, full of surprise.
“I’m so glad you stayed,” Quinn murmured, pulling me flat again. Liam was still cupping my jaw but Quinn dodged his hand and kissed me—a, firm, passionate, kiss. “I could hardly wait to get home,” he said into my mouth. “To see you, to kiss you, to hold you.”
“But, you... I’m in bed with...” My sleepy mind struggled. I know they’d said share but did they mean literally, share the same time? “Is that okay? Is this okay?”
“Of course it’s okay,” Liam said. His big hand scooped up my breast and his thumb flicked over the nipple. “Quinn and I have no attraction toward each other, we’re not gay, but making love to you, together, seems like an enormous amount of fun for all of us, don’t you think?”
“I...” My mind whirred whilst my body did cartwheels of excitement. These boys were so bad! “I guess, if that’s what you want?”
“It’s most definitely what we want,” Liam said softly. “And I think it’s what you want too, Ariane.”
I couldn’t deny my desire. It was like another living breathing part of me. I wanted them both, desperately.
“I take it Liam looked after you well when I had to leave?” Quinn said, settling the long length of his naked, shower-damp body against the side of mine.
“Yes,” I said, shifting to face Quinn. I reached out to trace my finger through the crisp hairs on his chest. “Liam looked after me wonderfully.”
Liam scooped in behind me, nuzzled a kiss into the nape of my neck as his hand sneaked around to caress my belly.
“Glad to hear it,” Quinn said from the darkness. “Because that’s the plan. There’ll always be one of us to look after every sense of the word.” I felt his hand join Liam’s in the sweeping exploration of my body, sliding up and over my breasts, following the curve of my hips and dipping into my waist. Then Quinn’s hand hooked under my thigh and he pulled my top leg over his hip. “You do want us both, Ariane, don’t you?”
“Yes,” I whispered, suddenly understanding what was going to happen, right now, this very minute. “Yes, I do.”
Quinn’s mouth caught mine at the same time as the head of his cock arrowed through my pubes. I still felt wet from the sex I’d had earlier and Quinn’s slide toward my entrance was hot and easy.
“This is what I kept thinking of,” Quinn muttered, his fingers wrapping around the flesh of my thigh and holding me firm. “All the way home, I kept imagining what it would be like to be inside you, to have my dick inside you. I knew how good you felt on my fingers and I wanted to experience that hot, juicy tightness wrapped around my cock. I wanted it so much I had to stop myself coming just thinking about it.”
I squirmed my hips, greedy for him to enter me. The thought that he could come just thinking about me was a massive turn-on. “Quinn,” I husked, remembering what an expert he was with his fingers and wondering what the hell he could do with his cock. “Please, just fuck me.”
I didn’t need to ask him twice. He pounded in with a grunt. Hard and fast, right in on the first devastating thrust. I cried out. Pain and pleasure mixed as his long, steely cock invaded my body. It felt glorious, he was so hard and so long, stretching and filling me to capacity.
“Ah, so fucking good,” Quinn said in a tight voice and clamping me with his arms and legs. “You feel amazing, Ariane, wet and ready for it, perfect.”
“Great isn’t she?” Liam said over my shoulder. His hands were in my hair, scooping it back from my face and neck, dragging it into a ponytail. His fingertips sent tickles of sensation over my already buzzing flesh.
Quinn jerked his hips again, pushed in even farther. My mouth opened to let out the air he knocked from my lungs as he caught a rhythm. It wasn’t the smooth ride Liam had taken me on, it was frantic, determined. If he hadn’t been holding me my head would have banged against the headboard, hell it would have gone through the headboard. His coarse pubes rubbed against mine and the tough bone of his pubis rammed against my clit over and over as deep inside me his thick shaft teased my G- spot. It felt wonderful and my mind began to spiral into ecstasy as he upped the pace even more, bashing me into Liam’s chest and holding me firm all at the same time.
“Ah, Jeez, she’s too good,” Quinn said, freezing at the hilt.
“No, please, don’t stop,” I wailed, clawing my fingers into his flesh. I’d been so close, my orgasm within reach.
“I have to, just for second, Liam, take over will you?” Quinn pulled out, but I didn’t have time to murmur a complaint, because as soon as he slipped away the head of Liam’s cock pushed into me from behind.
I let out a long, low groan as he wrapped a concrete forearm around my waist and buried himself deep in my pussy. I shifted my leg higher over Quinn’s hip to draw Liam in even farther. Liam blew out a long breath by my ear and then nibbled on my neck.
Quinn’s lips pressed on mine, he palmed my breasts as Liam’s cock slid back and forth over my needy G-spot, filling me, consuming me. I began to feel feverish, trembling with the need to orgasm. But I needed attention on my clit, it was throbbing with desperation. I couldn’t tip over the edge without it.
“Please,” I said. My hands dragged frantically over Quinn’s body as my hips pushed down against Liam. “Let me come.”
“Okay,” Quinn said. “Since you asked so nicely.”
Liam slipped from me and Quinn’s cock took its place with barely a pause in rhythm. He shoved in again and his pubis connected once more with my clit. Liam pinched my chin and turned my head halfway over my shoulder. He kissed me, his tongue probing in time with Quinn’s cock. I felt consumed by the darkness, by the hot, hard men around me, in me, taking me higher and higher. White-hot lights flashed before me, Liam’s cock settled in the crack of my butt and then I was there. I called into his mouth, “I’m coming.”
Quinn pressed all the harder with his pelvis, grinding against my clit in small circular motions and extending the moment of ecstasy exquisitely. And then he, too, was riding through his pleasure. “Oh fuck, yes that’s it, squeeze me like that, like that, Ariane...” He went absolutely still and then I felt him pumping wildly, exploding into me. I tore my lips from Liam’s and searched out Quinn, captured his face in my palms and kissed him with the same hard passion as he kissed me.
“You’re so perfect,” he said breathlessly into my mouth. “So sweet and so perfect.” He pulled out.
Liam’s hands curled over my hips and then he was back at my pussy. I wiggled my butt to encourage him in, wanting him to be a part of our moment. He kissed my ear and then sank upward until the front of his thighs pressed against the backs of mine.
I groaned. Liam was like granite against my sensitive, hot, swollen, still spasming flesh.
“Come again,” Quinn said, sending his hand between our bodies. “Come again, with Liam.” He began to fret my clit with his fingertips. It was so engorged and the pads of his fingers so firm that I whimpered, unable to cope with the hyperstimulation.
“It’s okay, ride through it,” Quinn soothed. “Catch that spark again.”
Liam’s cock glided back and forth over my G-spot and I concentrated on its profound pleasure whilst my clit found the point of ignition. It only took a few seconds, and then as Liam’s breaths became strained in my ear, I felt myself climbing the hill to climax again. Quinn didn’t let up, he swirled and circled perfectly around my clit. Liam pounded on and on with his body curled around mine pushing me over and over against Quinn’s unmovable mass.
“Yes, ah, ah, yes...” I shouted. “Yes, that’s it...” The world disintegrated around me as a second orgasm crashed over my body.
Liam grunted, a deeply primitive sound. His cock began to spasm inside me, but he didn’t stop his rhythm, he kept going, kept fucking into my trembling pussy as he came.
“Ariane, you feel so good when you come, you sound so good too,” Quinn said, kissing across my cheek. His fingers slowed as my body began to jerk away from his stimulation and then he moved and cupped my breasts.
“So do you,” I panted as Liam finally stilled behind me. “Both of you.”

I enjoyed writing Shared so much that I went on to write a sequel about my sexy threesome, Shared Too. I picked up from the happy ever after of the first book (not a spoiler you know it has to have one!) ten years later and threw a few spanners into the works. It's a little more controversial, the characters not behaving how they should and things get seriously tense, sexy and erotic.

You can check out the reviews for Shared and Shared Too on my website and if you like pretty menage pictures I have Pinterest boards dedicated to two and more and Shared/Shared Too.

Shared and Shared Too are available from Ellora's Cave, Amazon, Amazon UK, ARe and all other major ebook retailers. Both can also be purchased in print.

Have a wonderful day

Lily x

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