Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Doubling the Pleasure and the Fun on This Tease-Tastic Tuesday

Happy Tease-Tastic Tuesday, all you menage-alicious readers out there! Today is my favorite day of the week at my personal blog, I've Got 69 Problems, But a Kink Ain't One. Why, you ask? Because it's the day I post an unedited snippet of my current WIP. And as most of you know, I love to share things.

Now you may be wondering, What does any of this rambling have to do with the price of dildos in Timbuktu, Mia? Well, I realized something today. I know. It does happen on occasion. I figured that if I enjoy sharing one tease, I would really enjoy sharing two. You know, Double your pleasure, double your fun and all that. So when I remembered that this blog would coincide with the other one, I decided to jump in with both feet. That means you're going to get a peek of my fifth installment into my Sweet Serenity series, which I affectionately call Untitled, here. And if you follow the link, you're going to get a second glimpse into my other WIP, Pacts and Promises (The Shifters of Trinity, Kansas Book 1), at my other blog, I've Got 69 Problems, But a Kink Ain't One

Fun, huh? Well, I think so. But It could just be me. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

* * * *

Reclining against his brother-in-law’s car, Noah Blaylock peered down at his Tag Heuer for what seemed like the thousandth time. He expelled a ragged breath when he saw only a minute had passed since the last time he’d checked. “Relax, Blaylock,” he scolded himself. “She’s coming.” Not that he cared. She wasn’t his—his to worry about, to think about, or even give a damn about. And he had no desire for her to be.
“So then, why do you keep staring across the loading zone like a lovesick puppy?” a pesky voice in the back of his mind taunted. “Why do you keep imagining her emerging from this podunk airport, running across the sidewalk, and throwing her arms around your neck? Why do you keep fantasizing about her kissing you and touching you because she missed you that much? And why the hell does your chest hurt from the feel of your heart pounding against your ribs?”
Noah closed his eyes. Not. Going. There. He took a few precious seconds to run through the list of reasons why he didn’t like Addy and why he couldn’t be with her, even if he did. Once he was done, he fluttered his lids skyward. Just as his eyes refocused, he saw Addy approaching the other side of the glass door. Seeing the spunky redhead sucked the air out of Noah’s lungs faster than a punch to his gut. He’d forgotten how beautiful she was in the months they’d been apart. Even in her goofy hat, big glasses, and unflattering clothes, she was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen. And as a photojournalist, he’d seen a lot. But nothingand no onecould compare to that gorgeous imp with her long, lustrous locks and big, brown eyes.
Noah knew the second Addy spotted him. He saw her jaw clench, and he heard her curse. He couldn’t explain why but her irritation tickled him. Though, he forced himself to not show it. “Addy,” he called out. “Over…” His voice died away when he saw two men move in behind Addy, both of whom he recognized.
This time, it was Noah who swore. “Fuck me.” Jayson Huntington and Jasper Hayworth. What a goddamn joke. Agitated, he ran a shaky hand through his short, perpetually tousled hair. Could this get any worse? As the trio advanced on him, he decided that yes, it definitely could.

* * * * 

I hope you enjoyed my little tease. If you have a minute and want to double your pleasure and double your fun, click here now. Either way, have a great day! XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

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